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  1. Hey 12sec, every time I see your car I notice something else...have you passed the safety inspection (I don;t see a window sticker) without front turn signals or are they just smoked lenses?

  2. safety inspection?

    the only inspection that i go through is to pass a tech inspection when racing:rlaugh:

    i drive it on the street all the time and no one has noticed till you- it's the same thing with having no back up lights:ban:

    i'm not really big on the look of the blinkers (parking lights or the back up lights) but one day i'll put the front parking lights in:D
  3. Here we have annual safety inspections to make it legal to drive your car on the street, it is essentially another annual tax but they do make sure your lights, signals, and horns work. In some counties they check the emissions too.

    I'd be suprised if Texas was more socialist and authoritarian than the PRK (Peoples Republic of Kalifornia) on this subject.

    Those holes would be effective ducts for brake cooling equipement :D
  4. This started out as a 1988 Mustang GT.....


    and here's what happened to the 88...


    (and that's only part-way through the stripping.....)

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  5. I personaly love that 68 fastback that justford has.
  6. Thanks. It is a factory J code 4v 4speed Highland green car with console and fold down rear seat.:nice:
  7. nice, i got the J code also :D

    if we had those here i know a lot of my friends that wouldn't pass...i won't mention any names... 10secgoal.:Zip2:

    yea i want to get the brake air duct kit:hail2:
  9. Yea up here in kansas when i purchased my car they didnt check anything but the vin number. I guess that is the advantage of living in a one horse town.
  10. Here's mine..

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  11. That's one fast idel you got there - I'd push the choke in a bit if I was you...

    We have annual safety and emissions inspections over here - it's just an excuse to get old cars off the road, and does nothing for safety. If your car fails, you got no money and you've got to get to work, what are you going to do?

    Some sweet cars on this thread by the way...

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  12. here is my 69 GT sportroof

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  13. THANKS .....but "Schweet "??? what does it mean ? is it slang ?

    even my dictionnary didn't know this word ..... sorry for my poor english level ... :(
  14. Slang spelling which simulates the slang pronunciation for "sweet", which is a slang term which has nothing to do with the flavor or taste and simply means "I like it very much".

    Are you seriously confused now? They say english is the second hardest language to master.
  15. Some amazing rides people
    out garage has been affectionately dubbed "Mustang Lane",
    there are two of mine, my wifes 06, and my daughters 91 modscott77.JPG

    sorry I don't know how to make the photo show up bigger/better
  16. more pics of the 65
  17. more of the 65, I don't have many that I can upload, hell just the fact that I'm operating a computer is quite impressive

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