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  1. :nice:

    thanks a lot edbert to take the time to explain me :hail2:
  2. hey JustFord, is that an orginal illum-a-pony on ur front grill? if it is you got any pictures of it at night?
  3. damnit I want a white interior in my 68 so bad, but the closest I can find is parchment :(
  4. Justford I like the Mach 1 look you are going for, but the stripes aren't doing it for me. Try taking off the chrome mustang decals on the drivers fender and move the stripe upward. Also have you tried to put on the ducktailed trunklid and end caps, it would complement the spoiler better and be identical to the 69-70 styles. Also with the grill if you scrapped the corral up front and and put a billet grill of some sort, something similar to mdjays, and a 69 style mustang insignia offset on the drivers side. I think that would really give your car the aggressive look you are looking for. Just suggestions though, your car is still freaking awesome.
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    Me love you long time!
  7. Here is the before picture:

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    and: 393-2.jpg

    Unfortunately, there is no "after" picture yet. At least I got the 393 built.

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  8. Thanks for the input. I am still experimenting on the look. As for the grille, I tried a couple of things with it but I just couldn't do away with the lighted corral. That corral at night gets much attention and questions at the cruises.
  9. it probably would go better with ur look but dont get rid of it man! id never put one on mine, but you better believe if it came stock on my baby, it wouldnt be leaving, i think they were such a crazy and cool option by ford and you shouldnt get rid of it!
  10. Whoa I didn't know ford offered a lighted corral on the mustang as a factory option. Looks cool at night.
  11. same here:nice:
  12. very nice this two black mustang :) !
  13. Thanks guys. :D