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  1. How about now?
  2. defiantly working! i can only imagine what it feels like to see that thing come up in my rear view....
  3. definately working:nice: got any pics with the hood up?
  4. Ride

    I just got her put back together enough last weekend for her first show:

  5. hey 68keyblr, how is your ipod hooked up to your car like that? how did you do it?
  6. There's a couple of ways to do it, depending upon your head unit.

    If you have a modern head unit that has the RCA inputs, you can get a $10 cable for your Ipod and you are good to go.

    If you have a very modern head unit, it may very well have an Ipod interface built in (like the one I have).

    If all else fails, you can get the FM transmitter for your Ipod that plugs into your 12v receptacle (or runs on batteries) and will allow to tune the radio to an unused FM station and listen to your Ipod music. I did this for the past year and it works great.

    The direct cable connection is very, very nice and gives the best sound quality.

  7. Nice...I have always loved the "business" look of black primer and wide tires :nice:

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  8. whats the tire/whee/backspacing on the rear of that?

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  9. where did you get that steering wheel and what steering wheel is that.

    do they have it with a black wheel instead of wood grain?

    stang turned out great:nice:
  10. Rear Wheels

    The wheel size is 15 X 10 not sure of the back spacing the tires are racing slicks 11.5 X 28 X 15. I have new leaf springs with 50/50 drag shocks. They stick out about a inch on each side and haven't rubbed yet, also about an inch clearance on the inside.
  11. Thanks

    I Primed it black to cover the multi-color paint job till I get it done right. It surprised me how good it looks just like that.
    Thanks Again
  12. Familystang.jpg

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  13. yep that's it.

    did you use adapter #LAC-64400 or the different one?
    did the black horn come with the mustang logo on it and what was that part #?

  14. I ordered the whole thing through The Mustang Shop in Chandler, AZ. I believe the adapter was the LAC-BA-22400. As for the button, I'm not sure how the Mustang Shop got it - I haven't seen any for sale since. You might want to give them a call. You could probably make a pretty cool horn button using the polished button that comes with the adapter and then a mustang trim piece from a door panel or something like that.
  15. Ok I'll play along. Besides I haven't been on the classic side in a while.


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  17. My 64, still a work in progress, the engine is now out so I can finish up the engine bay.
  18. That thing is going to fly.
  19. Quite a lot of very nice Mustangs on this thread,congrats to all ! This is my one and only