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  1. looks real nice justford, more exterior pics!
  2. Here one more:hail2:

  3. All gorgeous cars so far:hail2: These two are actually my uncle's but I'm pretty proud to say that I'm related and I'm the one who details them.....I was trying to find the pic I have of these two with mine so that we had the Red, White, and Blue in front of the shop for the 4th of July, but these will have to do for now....
    68 GT Convertible
    69 Mach 1
    I figured I'd include this one since it's has the Mach and that's a 71 T-Bird with a ThunderJet on the other side

    My cousin has a 66 Fastback, too, that is painted like a GT350 with Bullitt wheels that he's dropping a 351 into but I don't have any pictures of it yet.

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  4. RModel65, what did u use to coat the underbody?
  5. I don't think I post pics of either of my Stangs yet. I had them both in the driveway on Sunday so I decided to snap off a couple of digital pics real quick. 2 ponies built 30 years apart, 72 Grande Coupe and 02 GT.
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  6. What the heck, here's a slightly more recent one of new Sadie. I swear, if I don't get new tires soon, I'm going to go out there with a black sharpie marker and color in those white walls.


  7. Nice '72. I really like the color. Have you ever thought of getting maybe a Stalker hood for the '02, so it matches closer to the '72's hood? I think it would be cool.
  8. Penquin, There are a lot of mods I would like to do to the 02 but it is my daily driver, and I commute about 100 miles a day. Besides for now I would rather put all my play money into the 72.

    I believe the color on the 72 is an older ford color called "caymen". When I get the body work done I am considering repainting it the same color. It is a big improvement over the other colors it has been. It was originally meduim green metalic, and while doing some work on it I discovered it was bright purple :eek: at some point.
  9. Here y'go. 5.0 EFI, T-5, 4-wheel power disc brakes, cruise, JVC stereo, black Pony interior, tan top, assorted other goodies. No, it's not black. It's Black Cherry. Look close in the sun and you will see red sparkles.....

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  10. Here's mine...



  11. Very nice topless, now get some new rear springs and you're set.

    Semper Fi!
  12. :hail2: Wow Great looking car!:jaw:
  13. Actually, it is just the opposite... I just installed new leaf springs to lower the rear and am getting ready to lower the front. :D

    I have the new coil springs - shocks - roller spring perches and am just waiting on the coil spring insulators to arrive (should be here by Friday if not sooner).

    If all goes well, the front will match the rear by Sunday! :cheers: