Post Your Svo Mustang

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  1. Whatcha got there exactly?
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  2. Its my 84 svo. Sitting on mach one rims, lowered with orginal 2.3 turbo and a flowtech racing muffler
  3. Quick?
  4. V
    yeah its pretty quick... I have a new ecu for it and larger fuel injectors ... Plus looking to mount a fmic set up... After that's done it will be really fast from the get go
  5. I don't really know anything about em. What kind of power do they make? Small crowd it appears by the way.
  6. whats with the hole in the fender?
  7. There pretty cool machines .. they can get up to 530 hp running low 9s on the quarter mile that's running with a new head .. larger turbo and fmic .. well those are the basics of course there's a little more to it
  8. One pic it has a pipe the other I was working on it. It's a turbo inlet pipe ... Direct cold air to the turbo. Works like wonders and has a fine screen filter I made inside to block debree
  9. The stock airbox was already a water-resistant cold air setup. There was no reason to cut an ugly hole in your rare SVO-specific front fender that will pull in water and dirt. :shrug:

    There were only ~9800 SVOs made and less than half are believed to still exist, so yeah, small crowd. The early ones were rated at 175hp and that was increased to 205 in mid-1985. In 1986 it was then lowered (on paper) to 200 so the '86 5.0 GT would look better in sales brochures.
  10. The air box was removed before I got the car... Plus it's just a hole... 1 If I ever had plans on restoring it, it's a easy fix. 2 the whole point of that ugly hole .. which I think looks good, that's besides the point, is to draw in moisture and direct cold air into the turbo.. turbos perform best in a cold environment and it's noted that moisture brings in more power when pulled threw a hot turbo .. not to mention it's has fine mesh screens.. 2 to be exact to keep debree and dirt out of it...
  11. I pour water Into mine
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  12. I like the styling on the svo's, unfortunately i don't like the engine.

    Someone around my way had a black one with Saleen foxbody speedlines on it and it looked awesome.

    As for the hole, i know you like it, but it looks ghetto.
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  13. That hole looks like an orangutan put a fist through your car. I'd clean it up with a small scoop. You can still make it look classy.
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  14. I'd be scared that someone would try to mount my fender for a little "luv"!
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  15. You got a nice hole man :nice:
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  16. You have no idea at all, which reinforces my point.
  17. Can't say I like the hole either Jeeves, and this is coming from someone that has a pair of big Gi-Honkin ones in his own car. Except when I'm done w/ them nobody's gonna know that it's a hole.

    I thought SVO's had an A2W intercooler like a T/C???
    I think I woulda probably looked for one of those before I cut a "Water and debris enter here" orifice in the side of my fender.

    But again,....I got two holes in my car.

    I guess that makes me the pot.
    That makes you the kettle.
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  18. Do not stick penis in that hole. Especially if its running. At that point definitely do NOT stick penis in that hole.
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  19. It looks like it has been through hell and back. The front end looks like a prototype for the areo.