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  1. Post your personal touch Trick to your ride that makes your car your own!!!
    Interior, Exterior or Under the hood Trick Out!!!!

    IMAG0574.jpg IMAG0576.jpg IMAG0577.jpg IMAG0578.jpg

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  2. Here's a pic of my ram air underside funnel.
    First time working with fiberglass, made sure it was not going to come off :nice:
    Also cut and lined the rectangle holes near the firewall and cowl to help release heat.

    IMAG0556.jpg IMAG0557.jpg
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  3. That's :eek: SICK!!!! ....i need some hydro.
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  4. Look at my build thread ive also got my center console done but didnt feel like copying and pasting using my phone
  5. made a quick panel to house my PLX touchscreen boost and afr gauge. It matches much better than the pic shows due to camera flash

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  6. That's a clever spot right there :flag:
  7. My car is pretty generic lol.
  8. Stang front pic_opt.jpg
    Ummm, Clear headlights? Ah I got nothing Haha
  9. ....are you hiding tricked out wheels???
  10. Oh Right!! Tricked out wheels, there ya go. Hahah
  11. It's made of wood so most wont like it,..but I was always partial to it.
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  12. got shine though! :thumbs:
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  13. Mikes got nice wood :p
  14. and, is that a rimblow steering wheel?
  15. that's clean:spot:
  16. image.jpg Shaved antenna, wiper cowl and gas lid. It's gonna be a race car so why not. Next is paint

  17. is that ..........RAIN??? Cover that bay up!!!:eek:
  18. Here's a pic of the ram air box w/ filter and a night pic of the fp gauge.
    I used a green bulb to match the stock gauge color.
    It's not an over powering green light when you drive at night.

    IMAG0581-1.jpg IMAG0553-1.jpg
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