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  1. "It's the wood that makes it good". Only die hard Seinfeld fans would understand this line.
  2. Custom turbo kit
    Tilt with he sweet tri spoke wheel

    The hidden battery cut off switch

    nothing too earth shaking but I like it.
  3. Custom turbo is nasty, tri spoke wheel is way cool and different, what is that off of?? Kinda want it now but I still need my cruise control.
    Hidden battery cut off is Genius :pop:
  4. It is from a 85/86 non cruise wheel. Once the BS3 went in it removed the EEC so the airbag was no longer operational, perfect time to put tilt in the 93!
  5. OH, ....I haven't seen the inside of 85/86 tin a long time, that explains it. Still mustang hardware though :nice:
  6. Svo's had them too. they are worth a mint now. I keep looking out for a nice one. sometimes they come up when someone doesnt know what whey have.
  7. I have a spare, I need to find a place to have it redone.
  8. Sweet engine compartment Grover!
  9. Hey Grover, we got a few things in common, Turbo and both seem to like shiney! Now i need a dart block so i ca turn up the wick

  10. smoked ham sent! i cant get rid of it makes me hungery all the time.


    wheel spikes:


  11. Smoked ham and wheel spikes!! :cheers:
  12. I made this knob at work. It's not really one of a kind because I made two.

    And I blacked out my tail lights.
  13. Where did you move the switches to?
  14. My car has the foglights removed so that one is useless. The hazard switch must remain connected in order for the turn signals to work, so I left it connected and he whle shebang is neatly tucked up under the dash. If I should ever need the hazards, I can easily reach it
  15. My recent trick out '09 GT500 black leather :D

    IMAG1159.jpg IMAG1151.jpg IMAG1152.jpg IMAG1162.jpg
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  16. nice thread you started here!...good stuff...
  17. Mines got a different motor in it...

    But most of my personal touches are still in the works while I pool the money to finish it or sell it and start all over again
  18. Everyone here already knows that my car is pretty much "run of the mill" and average.
    I really have nothing to offer:p
  19. Well, here's one thing I haven't mentioned in my various other "pic whore" threads.;)
    It's made in Italy by "Personal". It's a rare wheel and was used in a few 89SSC's. I picked it up a few years ago as a back up wheel for my SSC. Its probably worth $1000 or more to the Saleen nuts. LOL
    But I like it in my vert!
    Sorry for the terrible pic.
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  20. My car is stock. I have nothing to add here.
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