Poster up pics of your rides

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    i live in martinsburg about 15 mins from winchester VA, and 15 minutes from Hagerstown MD
  2. go to my cardomain page. Can someone please teach me how to post pics?
  3. on my post above just hit quote ang u will see the [​IMG] tag in the rear. i am not sure if cardomain is a hsting site like u need if not try once u register u just create a new gallery and upload the pics to that site then use the html code 4 each pic and put the little img tags on it :shrug: yeah i lost myself too
  4. [​IMG]i tried something 4 u n it didnt work through car domain
  5. did u try it yet. its very easy n that site is free hosting
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    i finally got it. Thanks alot :nice:
  7. Always up for posting pics!


  9. does ur car have the stripes on the trunk too :drool:
  10. yup! BUT, I Cant find a pic to show you..dangit!

  11. :drool:
  12. I thought the 40th package white only came in arizona beige stripes? :shrug:
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    Shoddy quality pic of my ol' hoopty.
  14. P8080052.jpg




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  15. I thought the 40th package white only came in arizona beige stripes?

    They are beige..they look darker because the car is white and the day was overcast...

    See if this is better:

  16. Here's a pic when it snowed last January. You can really see the beige stripe and matching rims...



  17. Arghh!!! I hate snow!!! Nice car though :D I am still waiting for summer!!!
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    04 with diablo tune Mac intake Steeda Tri-Ax Grill delete tail light sequnencers :banana: