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  1. Hey guys, I really want to see and meet anyone with another 1986 mustang of any kind with a factory (sand beige PY) interior.. Mine is a black with sand beige. I've posted a pic before and have never seen another one.. Please if you have I want to see it... whittni and my mustang 017.jpg
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  2. Seriously? You tease the sand beige interior and don't post a pic of it?
  3. whittni and my mustang 010.jpg I know its sick how like new this is....
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  4. Looks too late 80's BMW to me.:shrug:
  5. Dude this is 1 of 292 28m 5.0 hatchback cars . :shrug:
  6. There's probably a good reason for that. Although it is a clean interior it just doesn't go with the overall design of the fox. The good news is that you are one of 292 people that like it and wound up with one.
  7. Wow... I'm not getting into any of that.... fours eyes are going to be the ones to have.. sorry u feel that way..
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  8. I like it Sport200....... Haters gonna hate!
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  9. I kmow.... Thanks man... I just want to see another PY car.. I've never seen one..You?
  10. Me personally? No but it is original though! Was it always this clean or did you use something to clean the interior?
  11. Its all original.. 53k on miles.. special ordered when new from woody sanders ford in cincinnati, ohio. got the window sticker still.
  12. some mods but nothing fancy.. its been in 5.0 magizine before. I've owned this car twice. I bought it from the original owner sold it . then bought it back yrs later.. I'll never sell it again. I've got ever piece of original paper work u can have on one.
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  13. awesome! more pics!!! my brother had a blue 84 gt that i loved. granted i was 8 years old when it was new but i wanted that car!
  14. whittni and my mustang 007.jpg whittni and my mustang 015.jpg

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  15. AH! where are the original wheels!?
  16. Only thing i dont have...bought these chrome ponys in 93.. from ford.
  17. Let me clear the water. I'm not hating on it. I'm simply saying although it is a clean interior it just doesn't flow with the rest of the car.
  18. Either does that white hood.... just sayin.. its all good bro..
  19. That's why the car is getting painted...bro.
  20. I talked to guy in florida about my color combo with t-topps and 5spd, he said their was only 10% topp and 5spd. so maybe I have the only one left around with this color combo... Barret Jackson some day $100k.. C'mon.:nice:lol its ok to dream.
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