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  1. better find those original wheels then!
  2. You got some?
  3. no... i have seen them on craigslist in the general area though.
  4. My mother use to say, if you don't have anything nice to say then say nothing at all. Please don't crap up his thread with your bull.
  5. got it.. thanks
  6. But that would constitute selling it. Judging by how much you care about it I'd say that's a real slim chance of sale.
  7. Easy thereMr. After school special.
  8. Thanks man.. This car means a ton to me... I have raced this car ,cruised it, had nitrous on it.. beat the living crap out of this thing and it still looks and drives like new.. theirs nothing like a fox body..
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  9. I like your car bud, interior and all. A friend of mine has a sand beige 83 with the beige interior. I actually like the color!