Potential Mustang Buy

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  1. First post here, did a little search but would like some direct answers. As by my username some of you can tell I'm a GM guy, have a tbss right now.

    Looking at this mustang. Main question at the moment is, STOCK TRANS? This gt should be easily making 500+ and it is on a stock auto transmission. There will be hard launches every now and again and a level 10 (all I could find in my quick google search) is $3500!

    Am I good or am I playing with fire (real world experience preferred)

    Car is on 39# injectors that came with whipple kit but he has 47#. Is that a good size for the boost/motor? It also has dual gt500 fuel pumps.
    Only ever had N/A GM vehicles so new to ferdz.

    Also, idk how big this community is but the car and I are down in Louisiana so if anyone knows anything about this car and wants to give me input, good or bad.
    Thanks guys
  2. Where you at in LA?
  3. Word is those stock autos can handle 500-550. But traction is also a factor.
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  4. Can it handle 550 at the track?
    Baton Rouge
  5. Probably....How many times? Who knows. I know building an Auto to reliably take high HP is alot cheaper than a manual.
  6. Im just always skeptical of the person who owns it. and how they really treated the car.