Powder Coat Stock Wheels?

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  1. I am trimming my car in black. I really like the look. Here is what it looked like when I got it.

    I have since blacked out the hood vents and the tail lights...

    I am thinking of having the wheels powder coated black. I plan to buy some black 7 spoke Saleens for it, but I kinda like this look...

    This was my original Photoshop to see if I wanted to go this route or not. Anyone ever powder coated their wheels? I think I want to do this just to have a second set for whatever reason. Call me crazy, but I really like these stock wheels.
  2. plastidip them. that way you can always peal it off
  3. I was going to say the same thing. Cheaper than powder coating and you can revert to stock finish if you dont want it anymore. Plastidip is a pretty impressive product.
  4. I have used that stuff before to paint the trim on my Fox. It is amazing stuff. I am wanting a glossy finish though. I just don't think the dull finish will look right.
  5. they are supposed to have a gloss out now or sometime soon from what i can remember reading.
  6. Oh cool. I will definitely look into that.
  7. They have a new line of true metallics that you can gloss over. Looks just like an OEM finish. Really cool stuff!
  8. Too much black in my opinion.

    Not a fan of the "black wheel" trend. It just looks like someone hasn't cleaned the brake dust off their wheels in a while.
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  9. It depends on vehicle in my opinion and the color of the vehicle. Certain colors just look good with a flat black or matte finish on the wheels. Others look absolutely terrible.
  10. Haha, and this is in your sig...
    --1988 Mustang LX 5.0L-
    Black w/black interior conversion, SN95 F&R leather seats, T-5 swap, M2300K brakes, Mach 1 springs

    I have less black that you ;)
  11. I bet he was talking about black accessories.
  12. I know what he was saying :D

    It's just.... his car is black. His interior was a different color, and he changed every piece to black. And I'm just giving him chit ;) I wish my car was all black. Then I would do chrome wheels.
  13. I love black and chrome...always finds my sweet spot.
  14. Yeah, or looks like old school days when they would just remove the hubcaps. Or at a glance it looks like just a huge solid tire with no wheel at all if that makes any since
  15. It's more a Nascar look to me.
  16. Whatever makes you happy brotha!