Powdercoated my Bellhousing....pic

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  1. Just picked up a C4, TCI 10" converter, SFI flexplate, reverse manual valvebody, and a transbrake....

    C4 is built STRONG with redline clutches and bands, it has an "H" servo, and a couple other little goodies. Got everything for $500.

    Here is a pic of the bellhousing I just powdercoated in an almost chrome color.

  2. Looks good :nice:
  3. Me likey too :drool:

    I have a drooling problem when it comes to things like this :D

    Kinda like Homer and donuts, Mmmmmmm...... donuts...mmmmm :drool:
  4. I'm thinking of powder coating my aod does anyone know if they can powder coat it fully assembled without getting sand and such inside of it??

    The case is practicly clean no dirt just some surface dust from sitting dorment.

    Info would be nice.
  5. That looks good. That's the color I want to do my pullies and brackets in. Are you going to have the whole tranny done like that?

    As for the AOD, I'm pretty sure you'll want to strip it down to the case. They can seal it up so you won't get any powder and stuff in it, but the baking process would probably kill the seals and the clutches.
  6. I am not going to do my entire Trans like that. It would be kind of a waste. I am just gonig to blast it and paint it gloss black. I might do my pan like that though...possibly the tailhousing too.

    You wouldnt need to disassembly your entire trans to have it coated. it would just need to be blocked off so no powder gets where its not suppost to be. The powder cures at 400 degrees. I know that seems hot...however...thats what the SURFACE temp of the trans would be when the powder is curing. On the inside of the housing, its probably not even half that hot.

    That is the color that I am doing my entire engine with...oil pan, block, intake, brackets. Everything else will be accented with chrome or polished aluminum. It should look pretty good.

    It took me about 4-5 hours to do that housing. I sandblasted it, then washed it, sanded, prebaked it, let it cool, washed, prepped, coated, then baked it. It would go a lot quicker if I had an oven!!! It would have taken me about an hour!

  7. what did you cure it with if you didnt have an oven?
  8. High dollar UV light
  9. I just had my T5 case powder coated. It looks great. But the Shop did want all of the internals out of it. If it will melt or burn at 400 degrees it will kill it.

  10. Hmmmm, I think if the trans had to be baked in an oven to be coated, yeah, I would definetly prefer that it be disassembled.

    Since I do it with a light and only certain spots are getting heated up, No need to disassemble. I might just coat my trans tonight for the heck of it!

  11. :shrug:

    Are you doing this with a "home" powder coating kit, like the Eastwood, or a professional quality kit?