Power Adder Debate, Give Me Some Opinions!

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  1. I have a 2013 Mustang GT/CS with LT Headers, Off-Road X, 3:73s, Boss Manifold, CAI, and an 85mm TB. But I cant decide what power adder I should go with..I think Ive narrowed down my choices between a D1 Procharger or a VMP Supercharger but I keep going back and forth. With the Procharger I wont have to get rid of the Boss Manifold but at the same time the VMP will have that instant torque and power.(The VMP also has that whine everyone loves to hear :) ) Its also my daily driver. Just wanted to hear some opinions and all responses are appreciated!
  2. Turbo fwiw. Keeps dd driving characteristics while killing anything that wants to play
  3. Interestingly enough, I just strapped a D-1SC to my 2011 5.0 daily driver. It is an absolute RIOT to drive. I love it. No regrets here! I can lug it around town at low rpms and it drives just like stock. But when I drop the hammer it is friggen warp speed. And I'm only at 7psi right now! We did some proprietary mass air tuning on mine, and honest to goodness, it gets better MPGs with the D-1SC than it did NA.

  4. nice!
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  5. Any dyno numbers? I have some good knowledge about the TVS superchargers but don't know a lot about prochargers..not sure what they are capable of and where did you order it from to get the black finish? I don't see that offered anywhere
  6. Haven't dynoed it yet. This JUST happened. I don't know if ProCharger offers the black finish yet. I ordered my kit for an article I'm writing in 5.0 Mustang Magazine. With any luck, we'll dyno it next week. I'll post results as I have them. :)
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  7. This brings up a question I've had for a long time. When doing an article and using someones car, who pays for the parts? Here you said you ordered it. Does the magazine pay a percentage? Maybe the manufacturer discounts it for the advertising the article will provide? Just something I've wondered, but never had anyone to ask.
  8. Ok, cool! Look forward to seeing some actually numbers, and I don't think the black is offered yet :(
  9. Sometimes the parts are free. We paid for this blower kit though. We (UPR) are developing our own ProCharger kit for Coyote Mustangs. We changed some things around and employed some tuning tricks. That's how we got a magazine article out of the deal. Let's face it, putting a blower on a Coyote has been extensively covered in the magazines. But this deal is really cool!

    Boo. I'd think that if you called and requested it, you could get a black one. (or I can pull some strings and get you one)

    Post Script- Did some datalogging on the car this morning, and the tune is officially done. Next step is to dyno test it and track test it (dragstrip and Sebring roadrace track) Fun fun!!
  10. Ive literally looked everywhere for a black one and cant find one, I haven't tried calling them so Im not sure if that will work. That's crazy that your from UPR I followed your instagram and was looking on your website literally last night. I was looking on your website for procharger kits so if your coming out with something im for sure interested!! Also interested in that black :D Look forward to the dyno testing and the track testing. I really appreciate the response and the fact your keeping me updated. I have emailed other distributors and they don't even reply. Good customer service sells products :)
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  11. Cool, yeah, I'll hook you up the best I can. First I'll let you know how testing goes. Thanks for following me/us on Instagram. I do all of UPR's Social Media, so my Fox and my 2011 are on there a lot. :D
  12. Sounds good, cant wait!!
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  13. small update. At 10.5psi, we have run out of injector, even with the JMS PowerMAX, so we ordered a set of 60# injectors to try. We should be making passes next week.
  14. Awesome, keep me updated! Cant wait to see some numbers
  15. I went with Kenne Bell on my install. It's friggin awesome.
  16. Which KB did you install? And did you ever get some numbers on the dyno