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Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by wicked93, Nov 3, 2004.

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  1. well my delema is this, if I do the turbo then I will not have the car together for another 2 years :( but if I run a supercharger then I could get the car together race it and when funds allow put on the supercharger.
    my combo is a 1972 351w block stroked to 393ci scat internals with 8.9:1 compresion the cam is a solid roller with 242 duration int and exh 611 lift int and exh on 112 the cam is custom from a noted turbo guy back east Vic jr heads that have been worked over, edlebrock super victor intake for fuel injection what is left to purchase are the roller lifters, jesel shaft rockers, the DFI (not sure on accel or fast), and the tranny probably a mighty mite C-4 from dynamic. my goal is to run in the nines (hopefully on the low side):D if I go the turbo route I was looking at a T76 or a T88 if I go supercharger it will be either a F1R or F2M I have not worked on turbo's so I would need help on the flip side is that I have been racing superchargers for years.
    so give me your thoughts on what you think would be a wise way to go :shrug:
  2. mmm.... PT88... mmm....
  3. You could still run it N/A if you are going to run a turbo or a sc.
    My input (depending on your goals):
    Turbo- fast
    S/C- slow
  4. You know my stance on the matter :D

    I do agree with Jon though, other than the headers there really isn't much difference between your plans and the market for a good set of 351 long tubes will always be good.
  5. yes I agree that other than a set of long tubes there is not much difference it is just that I am tring to exam every route and make sound decisions and not waste money doing it. getting the car running in N/A form requires an exhaust that would not be needed with the turbo the mufflers I could reuse but the headers are not cheap and getting tired of buying parts over and over only to sell and get 50 cents on the dollar. I would like to try the turbo since I have not done the turbo route before but will the turbo make that much more power over the procharger models that I was thinking of :shrug:
  6. Has anyone locally gone 9's with a blower car? ;)
  7. yeah Lars other than that none that I know of
  8. Oh yeah congrates Eric on your 9.8 :nice: next time I would like to be there
    what I need is a ride in a turbo car :D :D :D that could cement my thinking
  9. Oh yea, I completely forgot about Lars, No offence intended.

    I'm hoping to have the car at a starbucks meet or two over the winter, and it should have a passenger seat by then :D
  10. Keep in mind Stangler, Waterpog has two power adders also to make it a fair comparison.?
  11. Well in that case 2 stage nitrous kits should be considered 2 power adders too. :D
  12. BS, twin turbos do nothing for you that a single doesn't. I could put a propperly sized single on my car and still run just as well, the ONLY reason I have twins is because of cost.

    Boost is boost, if you want to run dual blowers or a two stage nitrous system by all means have at it, you won't hear me crying foul.
  13. Ok, here's a question....Has any blower Mustang run 9's on a factory bottom end???
  14. :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :nice:
  15. I am in the same boat as wicked93. I have not built the engine yet, but have a 408 planned and the same type of ET's in mind. I have narrowed it down to either an intercooled F1R kit or a T-88 turbo head unit on piping from a "street" turbo kit, meaning the car retains it's cat-back exhaust.
    The turbo kit is obviously more efficient than the supercharger. However, my engine will be built for boost. As such, running a few psi more on the engine with the supercharger in order to match a projected turbo output would be negligable. Ease of installation does not matter to me, so I asked myself, "what power level do I want from the car?" Also, "what ET do I want to run at the strip?"
    When one thinks about it all, comparing a well-built T76 head unit to an intercooled F1R is fair, as they are definitely in the same power production level. The procharger kit I looked at is said to support up to 1300hp (flywheel) on an engine such as the one I plan to build. Most T-88 head units are there as well, while the more expensive units, of course, support upwards of 1300hp (flywheel). Basically, you must weigh cost with power production.
    Also, turbo cars are supposed to be a bit easier in the launching of drag cars, as the blower cars of this power level can easily spin slicks. The turbo cars are easier to launch, in comparison, as they are more docile off the line. My car, at least for now, is a stick. For this reason, I would lean toward a turbo. However, since wicked93 is going to be pimping the C-4, this should be less of an issue to him. However, if he wants a turbo down the road anyway, buy it now! Put it on and enjoy it. Just make sure that block is girdled and you have a good DFI tune. If I actually get my car done this summer, I will be at starbucks. I'll let you know what I end up going with.
  16. 5 or 6 years ago Warren Bean's Stang ran 135 mph which is just enough to bust into the 9's but that didn't happen due to excessive tire spin :D

    He had an old R-trim blower with cogs and no intercooler.He was the first guy around here to buck up for aftermarket management that I know of :nice:

    That was using a stock bottom end with TRW forged pistons :flag:

    Unfortunatly the block decided to split itself down the middle while racing Vulcan's blown Camaro one night at PIR :bang:
  17. Yeah, forgot about that impressive combo from back in the day!

  18. T88 is overkill for 9's. T78 will be already be MORE THAN ENOUGH! Trust me.
    I too agree with Jon, there is not that much difference in work between a turbo system and a supercharger system. Plus, spooling a turbo(dual ball bearing center section) will not be a problem with a 393. Turbo will make more torque on the bottom end, middle and more power up top. Good stuff. Blowers are cool for the street but they have a hard time keeping up with hairdryers.
  19. screw all you guys

    make it as lite a skateboard and stick a biblock in it!!!!!!!
  20. Big blocks are for Chevrolets. ;)
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