power adder turbo/procharger

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  1. ;)
  2. It's a primered black '55 2dr post. Before taking it apart it ran 9.8s on the motor. He put in a different cam and hooked up the nitrous now. Hopefully it'll be in the mid 9's on the motor and who knows if it will hook good enough to use the fogger kit.
    If you don't see us at the track watch for me in town. (I'm one of the little guys handing out the prostitute baseball cards on the corner.) ;) just kidding
  3. Funny of you to call others gay. I would think that someone who trailers his car to the track with a boxvan that has a bed in the back for his boyfriend white gt 90, would be the last person to do that. It's alright Darwin. Just accept your gayness. You don't have to accuse others of being gay to make yourself feel better. Here's a banana for you to chew on while you are at it. :banana:

  4. Well heres to you Monkey Boy!... :banana: Have fun! :owned:
  5. Wow! MAn the hostility here is amazing. I love winter, makes everyone so crazy. I could sit here all day long and re-read this thread over and over. MAkes me laugh. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  6. You changed my post again.... :bang: Thats not a fair game! :notnice:
    I may catch you down at the track. :D
  7. What you do on your own time is fine I just don't want to hear about it. :rlaugh:
  8. Look on page 11.... :rlaugh: :owned:
  9. Ruthless. :rolleyes:

    See you there.
  10. It's good to see you have figured out the internet. Only a couple days late on that one. :nice:
  11. I may be a little slow but always figure it out... :nice:

    Are you coming down here to watch all the P.S.C.A. cars blow up? :p
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. We were talking about going down to watch but, it is too late now for me to get the time off. :nonono: Oh well, there's always next year. Have fun!
  14. Maybe we should all go to the [email protected] shack and ill bring white gt 90 so we can split him for desert :banana: :nice:
  16. Do you think i cant change that also? You left the triangle at the bottom Scott...My post dont have that... :lol:
  17. I'm game. :nice:
  18. Yeah, next year you should race your car there.
    Quit your job and head down there with us. :)
  19. Still to be determined, I haven't pulled it off yet to look.

    Either way, it'll be pretty cheap to rebuild it. I'll be ready come spring. :nice:
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