Power Assist For Front Disc Conversion?

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  1. Or was something done wrong or missed? After completing the conversion (with Stainless Steel Brake Kit) on my '69 coupe/302 automatic, using the original Ford master cylinder & 14" wheels, the foot pressure needed on the brake pedal increased substantially. My understanding is that early model Ponies, Cougers etc only came with power assist on disc brake models. So does that mean pwr/assist should be put on to get proper brake performance? Is there a different master cylinder or something else to do to avoid going to the P/A option?
    Thanks for your help
  2. Disk brake or drum ? The type of shoes or disk pads can make a big difference .
  4. Converted drum to disc with a 'Stainless Steel' kit
  5. Did the kit come with a distribution block? How about a adjustable pressure regulator? What im thinking is that the block is sending more pressure to the rear drums instead of the front discs, i believe the ratio should be 60% front to 40% rear.
  6. I don't think there was a distribution block, but there is definitely a proportioning valve. The more you open the valve, the more pressure to the rear brakes??
    Presently the two hyd. lines exit the M/C & go into the top of the ORIGINAL distribution/warning switch block.
    Front brake lines exit block & go to front brakes.
    Rear brake line exits bottom of Dist. Block, goes into top of proportioning valve. Line comes out the bottom of valve & connects to rear brake line.
    I read a comment recently that the valve should only be opened 1/4 turn from closed.