Power Gain By Switching From 93 To C16?

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  1. Roughly how much hp would I gain by switching from a 93 tune to a c16 tune with only messing with the timing and jets in the carb, keeping boost the same? Im running a procharged 393 running 11 lbs making 564/563 off a very basic tune to break my clutch in, goal is 750 and I want to know how much of a gain race gas will give me before uping the boost. Sorry if I sound like a newb, new to forced induction so Im learning about boost in relation to timing in relation to gas octane and all that
  2. a little, but if you aren't going to run more boost you can just mix pump gas 50/50 with c12 for a lot less. I have been told u don't mix c16 by guys at vp. ive done it without issue, but they said it doesn't mix right with pump gas and c12 does.
  3. I was told something similar...IMO your wasting $$ unless you up the boost and you'll need more boost to make those numbers. It will allow you to get more aggressive with the timing.
  4. what they both said... and id personaly run Q16 over C16...
  5. dont you have to setup for q16 similar to setting up for alcohol? the only thing i know about q16 is that the fumes make your eyes bleed.
  6. i havent seen anything different in our set up that would be different we run 160# motorsport injectors and a weldon pump. got to drain the tank though

    and yes it smells like fermented monkey piss....
  7. Mmmm. Monkey balls
  8. its honestly some nasty smelling :poo:!
  9. How about Meth injection?...that is like c16 under boost conditions...
  10. it works... but its just 1 more thing to go wrong if you ask me
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  11. Very true...i use it but im not racing every weekend either...I added for insurance ....lol
  12. I can get 100 octane ethanol-free fuel locally. Wondering if it's worth tuning my car for that. I like the idea of having no ethanol in my fuel system.
  13. wheres that, the local landing strip? :D
  14. It ironically is right across the street from an airport, but it's actually a Sunoco station. I'll have to stop by again soon and see what the price per gallon is.
  15. av gas is around 120oct
  16. got 100 , 105 and 110 that i used to buy at a local strip before heading to Cecil :D
  17. that was years ago though. i do believe tat av fuel is measered differently than auto fuel nowadays
  18. Most av gas you find will be designated 100LL and is 110 octane with a low lead content. It is also blue in color. I would not recommend using this as it's designed to be run at a much higher altitude than our cars operate at.. Also, It is not that much cheaper. I could walk across the runway right now and check to see what it retails at the pump. (Office is located at an airport, lol) They do have a 120 octane version but you will not find very many planes that require it other than some of the circuit racers, etc
  19. good to know. i was going off what a pilot at work told me
  20. The major advantage of race gas over pump gas is the consistency. You never know what your getting from one tank to the next with pump gas, while a dedicated race fuel is always the same, so your tune does not have to change. All it takes is one tank of marginal fuel from the gas station to ruin your day.