Engine Power gains from this....

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  1. Nailed it bhuff30. Thank you sir. Sorry guys to be so secret and kind of a jerk, but there are some people who check the forums who I dont want to know what's being done.
  2. I have raced seriously but that was during my pushrod, foxbody days. I even stripped all the sound deadening out of that car. Here are a couple videos of that car :) Please note the tire coming off the ground in 2nd gear on the first video. But, I have never seriously drag raced....

  3. Cool videos. Nice fox. Makes me miss mine.
  4. I miss that car but it just wasnt worth keeping around due to its streetability or lack thereof.
  5. Moral of the thread: a/c delete is only for mad tyte racers yo
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  6. Wanna sell that compressor?
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  7. I Re-installed the A/C on my 383 Stroker. The lines are plugged until i have lines fabbed this spring. But theres something about having a highly modified car where every button and feature works as intended. This is why i stayed EFI and never threw away my A/C parts.
  8. Just watched the fox videos. Thats sick.

    AC on.......or off.....whatever it takes...........................................I would like to know more bout the fox in the video
  9. If you want it I'll sell it. It works fine.
  10. 88 hatch, Aluminum DS, Safety Loop, 6 point cage, 33 spline axles, spool,3.73s, 26inch slicks, subframes, stock front end Car had all creature comforts removed except radio (manual steering and manual brakes) 331 stroker, twisted wedge heads, tfs3 cam, victor jr intake, 750 Double pumper, 100 shot of nitrous
  11. Car also had a g force t5 in the videos you watched. The 10.95was the best pass i pulled out of the car with the t5 but when i switched to a c4 the car went 10.46
  12. I like it. Thanks for the info.