Power Master Cylinder, swapping to t-5

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  1. I am in the process of putting in a Granada disc brake setup. Right now I have manual drum brakes and would like to upgrade to power while I am in the process. Here is the catch though, I am going to be putting in a t-5 with the cable clutch setup and apparently I have read that the 9 inch booster will not fit with the cable clutch setup therefore neccesitating an 8 inch. When looking to price these out I went to MPC website only to find that they are pretty expensive. My question is whether or not I can get a master cylinder from another car that will not be as expensive and that will fit with the cable clutch when I install it. If anyone has any opinions I would appreciate it.


  2. Check out Mustang Steve's cable clutch conversion. The cable sits higher than other systems I have found. It may clear but ask him Steve first. I just received my kit last Friday. Very nicely designed and uses 87-93 Mustang clutch cable.

  3. I took a look at his site, it has a lot of good options. I was planning on purchasing the ballbearings for my pedal assembly and then welding them in myself. Though I would like to use that one setup he has, the $469 one with everything I just feel that I could do the same with my own time and for less money. Do you guys know what type of master cylinder that is? Is it a stock rebuilt?

    By they way, 66P51GT, did you order the parts from him or have them shipped to him to do the work?
  4. I made payment via Paypal and items were received three days later. I have a a couple of friends that can do the welding for me so there was no need to ship my pedal assembly to him.

    I'm doing a C-4 to T-5 conversion and the pedal assembly I purchased was completely restored. The bushings are perfect and I didn't feel the need to go with the bearings at the moment.

    If I were doing both the cable conversion and the bearings, I'd opt to send the pedal assembly to Steve to weld up for you.

    Be sure to ask Steve if the cable will clear your booster assembly.

  5. Going to bring this thread backup to the top. Do any of you know if I could use a power master cylinder from a 80's Mustang? I thought I remember hearing that. I was looking through a magazine this weekend and saw that a rebuilt stock unit is about $250. Not to be cheap or anything, but I would hate to pay that amount if I could find a reasonable alternative.