SN95 "power Pipe" And Stock Maf W Vortech?

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  1. I've searched but didn't really find a cut and dry answer: can I use the stock maf in conjunction w either the Anderson or the UPR? I guess I really want the anderson but sheesh $250 for basicly a cai!? Anyway if I have to get a different style of maf thstd be a deal breaker, I'm not gonna have the scratch.
  2. At the most a fox style adapter Flange is all you would need.
  3. For a blower setup you need a different MAF than for a N/A setup. N/A MAF's are "draw through" vs. forced induction MAF's are "blown through". In addition to being larger, they are designed specifically for use in blown applications. Look up images of the terminator and blown lightning MAF's vs. their N/A counterparts.

    Even on a N/A setup, if you add a CAI then you need a MAF calibrated for it, as the curve in the CAI creates turbulence vs. the stock box.
  4. I was under the impression that w the vortech kit using the fmu diaphragm for 19 lb injectors the stock maf would work? I'm not trying to argue the "need" for a new maf for n/a apps but how many guys do you think bought one to go w their $80 cai?
  5. I'm sure people may disagree with me and hey that's ok. Not to sound like I'm being rude, but why would you spend $2500 for a new supercharger and leave the stock injectors and MAF in it. To get what 50 hp?

    You are going to relocate the MAF into the fenderwell and also in front of the blower. Will it run without a tune? Probably. Run well? Maybe. Get at least 36-42 lb injectors, a Pro M MAF, ditch the FMU and get a tune. That will give you room to grow and have a safe a/f ratio. You can run rich all day long but lean once.
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  6. Wait, why does a Vortech require a blow through maf? The air is still drawn through the maf...
  7. I was gonna do fmu and tune. My wallet has no more growing room. The place I get tuned charges $200 sum odd since they've tuned it before
  8. As said time and time again, running an fmu is nothing more than a band aid. While it will work, no way id waste money on getting a tune just to run with an fmu. Do it once, do it right and keep your motor happy and healthy
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  9. Say again? :scratch:

    While a person can go with one set up, or the other....most popular Mustang Supercharger kits utilize a draw through MAF style, not a blow through.
  10. Exactly!
  11. They absolutely do not require this and for that matter don't recommend it on the ops application.
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  12. I have no issue with the fmu, most people i know have been running them for 20 years at this point just fine. People here hate them and love tunes, but the fact is that they do work.
    But i don't agree with using the stock meter and injectors.

    Either dial back your desired setup, or collect parts like the rest of us do. Then when you have everything you really install it all. Immediate gratification is only going to build you a time bomb that costs you much more in the future.
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    Kaaboom on the way to Walmart n back? It's not gonna be running at redline everytime its pulled out of the garage or ever really prolly
  14. ^^^ so your gonna throw on a blower to save the $$ on the supporting parts you didnt want to spend for the NA options you were thinking about. and now youre NEVER going to get into it?? ill bet a bag of those nachos floating around here you wont make it to the end of the street without dropping the hammer or why you doing it at all? :burnout:
  15. Same reasons texans carry concealed weapons, they say just incase but really its to feel tough ;)
  16. PS: so no one has a clear whether or no the mother f'er will fit? Will it slide in or do I need an adapter(thsts what she said)? Ok how bout the Anderson for then; how do the maf's attach?
  17. lol, i think they sidetracked a little but take the advise they gave, thats what youre here for...
  18. I hear em on injectors and all that jazz but for my light weight application (stockish) I'm putting my eggs in vortech's basket and I bet it'll be fine. So... maf's and "power pipes" huh?
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  19. It should slide in. The adapter I believe is for the filter side.
  20. YES! If you are using a stock Vortech kit "right out of the box", YES the stock MAF will fit. The Vortech supercharger kit is designed to fit, and the provided FMU is calibrated to run on a STOCK Mustang engine with STOCK parts. The dryer pipe assembly actually works better with the stock MAF because a larger aftermarket MAF may or my not fit in it. (Mine did not)

    If you are installing that kit on an unstock engine or make any other mods to that engine it all goes out the door. Time for a retune.

    After its all said and done you will STILL be required to find a local Dyno near you to have it properly tuned.

    I learned years ago that if/when you buy a supercharger kit for your Mustang go ahead and plan to set aside another $1000-$1500 in supporting parts. That doesn't include a powerpipe. A powerpipe is a choice and is not required to make power.

    Anyway, congrats and when your done you're gonna have alot of fun with it.
    Ask me how I know;)
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