SN95 "power Pipe" And Stock Maf W Vortech?

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  1. Thanks man. Yeah I have a tune guy he's tuned it twice before. The 1st time was pretty pricey but the 2nd was $200 some odd. So power wise w my out of the box combo do you think I'd benefit much if any w an aftermarket pipe vs corrugated? Sorry for all the ?'s but I want to have all the parts I need on hand especially ones I can't acquire from Home Depot
  2. No, If your're on a budget just install the Vortech kit as it is on your stock engine and have it tuned "A/F safe". Enjoy it and save your money and do upgrades later as you can afford them.
    Like I said before, a powerpipe is a choice. The first thing I would concentrate on "later" is to replace the stock injectors and MAF with larger better flowing pieces to "eliminate" the FMU.
    As others have already mentioned in this thread (and I agree) that the FMU provided in the Vortech kit works fine and a TON of people use them. I don't like them because it is somewhat of a bandaid to compensate for stock inadequate injectors.

    While on the subject of fuel.
    What fuel pump is in your tank? IMO even with a stock Vortech kit on a stock engine I would use nothing less that a high pressure 255LPH pump such as a Walbro GSS340.
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  3. I just want to play devils advocate here for a second.... So the FMU increases the fuel pressure and that is its only function. How is that different that running a regulator that references boost and operates on a 1:1 ratio or running higher base fuel pressure to compensate for fuel needs as engine demand increases? I run 60#'s of base fuel pressure and under boost have seen 92# of fuel pressure. Is that bad? absolutely not, So long as the fuel pressure stays under 110 #'s you wont have any problem with the injectors malfunctioning so why not increase the fuel pressure via fmu or what not to achieve the same results? Just curious as to why everyone is so against an FMU?
  4. so stock pump and t-Rex are inadequate and 255 and t-Rex are bare minimum?
  5. I wouldn't run a stock pump even with T-Rex. I don't even use a T-rex. If you run a 255 you won't need the T Rex. Sell it for future mods
    A GSS340 255lph is good to around 500rwhp alone. Mine went lean at 480rwhp with my 60lb. injectors. I now use an Aeromotive #11140 340LPH intank pump.

    About the FMU topic: Okay, I can only speak from my own experiences on the FMU subject. Way back when I installed my first Vortech kit on my stock fox Saleen years ago learned this when I took it for its first tune with the fresh blower kit.

    My tuner showed me the conditions created by the FMU on my "A/F graphs" . The A/f graph was a smooth progressing line until the FMU kicked in. When the FMU kicked in so to speak (shutting off the return fuel to the tank) to boost fuel pressure, it briefly causes a surge in Fuel pressure.
    My tuner and most tuners do not like that! So, we removed the FMU and I bought larger injectors and a new meter to match.
  6. No thats a standard 255 for naturally aspirated. Google search Walbro GSS340. That will be the high pressure unit for vehicles with power adders.
    Late model Restoration probably has the best price.
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  7. Ok. How bout a 190 + trex?
  8. Gosh you're cheap aren't ya! LOL I wouldn't do any less than a 255. ( But thats Me.) You'll probably be fine. For now!
    Later on,,, at some point,,,,, you'll be upgrading fuel pumps again.
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  9. My opinion...FMU's work just fine . If they're offering too much, or too little in the way of delivery, they need to be calibrated to the power needs.

    A 190lph pump will work on an entry level set up, but if you plan on spinning that blower, you'll need more. I made nearly 330rwhp with my blown Cougar with a 190lph pump and an FMU.
  10. I"m not sure what it truly is. Not sure if it's internet myth, fear of the unknown or just people passing on misinformation.
    Stangnet is tune happy and most wouldn't know the difference if their car was or wasn't computer tuned.
    Some actually think it's a requirement.
    The fox was already 2 years out of production before dyno's even starting going mainstream.

    I'm all for new tech and going forward. But tuning instead of using the fmu for the average guy is a lateral move.
    So if you want to use an fmu use it, if you want to tune it, you can tune it.
    Same results, different methods.

    My opinion is the fmu is a hell of alot easier and cheaper.
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  11. That's where I bought mine!:nice: and you get a discount(which I didn't realize until afterwards)
  12. I'd what've to pay sales tax. Found one for $80 amazon
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