Power Rack Or Borgenson?

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  1. I put up a thread earlier about getting a manual rack and by the sounds of it the Borgenson was a better option for ease of driving and as previously mentioned it's for my wife. So now I'm wondering what you folks that may have a power rack feel about that option? Was thinking of Unisteer or possibly a Randalls rack. Just looking for all the pros and cons of the various options before jumping on one, hate regrets.
  2. one of the advantages of the borgeson conversion is that you get full steering travel that was originally designed in the car, the rack and pinion conversions tend to leave a little travel on the table. another is cost, the borgeson conversion allows you to use your stock power steering pump as opposed to buying a new pump for the steering rack. a third is ease of installation. the borgeson bolts in place of the old box, and wile both require that you modify your steering column the borgeson conversion allows more room for headers. also with the borgeson conversion you use all stock steering linkage parts, tie rod ends, drag link, etc. so costs are even further lowered over the rack conversion.

    personally i would go for the borgeson conversion.
  3. i agree with rbohm , borgeson over the rack. i bought the whole kit for my 69.
    i am not ready to install yet and i havn't driven a car with one yet but i did drive a 66 with a rack and i did not care for it. it was to sensative .slightest turn of the wheel and it would dart . not a lot of fun on the rough roads we have around here.
  4. Thanks guys, that sounds good. I'm not ready to install either, still working on the body and paint, but I have been gathering all the necessary parts along the way. I have all the new suspension parts and steering is next so I'll be ordering the Borgeson soon.

  5. Just remember that you will need the manual steering center link if you do not already have manual steering. I haven't decided on what I am going to do for my steering yet.
  6. When I ordered my Borgeson, they asked what kind of steering I currently had, and sent me the correct center link with the package.
  7. Well that's good to know, I have power steering.