Power Seat Female Connector...help

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  1. I'm looking for the connector that comes out of the carpet and plugs into the front driver seat plug to make the power adjustably work. Seats I'm using came out of a 03.

    Does anybody know what the motorcraft part number for this electrical connector? I believe these are for 99-04 front seats only. Or a link to where you can purchase this? 4 pins square shaped.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. http://mustangpartstech.com/General_Information/2001FordMustangSeats.html

    You can see the square four pin connector in that link. I need the female one coming from the carpet side. I want to make my own pigtail from a fox lumbar connector to the 99-04 power seat connector. I do not want to use barrel crimps. I saw on ebay on a guy sells a wire loom for 94-98 guys that install 99-04 seats in there cars. I contacted him to see if he could help me with that specific connector. No response yet.

    Thanks for the help Noobz
  3. For that matter...

    You could go the parts store and purchase a weather connector with the required number of pins. The kits usually come with the pins and pieces that you need to build it.

    So long as you have crimpers and a soldering iron, you should be able to wrap up the project with an OEM quality connector, even though it may be different than the actual OEM piece.

    Something along these lines is what I'm thinking about:

  4. WPT-376 is the correct connector for the job. Well when I paid as much as I did for the seats. I did not want chimp out on the seat wiring. Connector cost me 25 bucks shipped.

  5. That's not too awful bad. Glad you found the one that you wanted. :nice: