Power steering checking and filling


Sep 12, 2018
Fort Worth, TX
Questions regarding checking and filing power steering fluid in my 71 Mustang Mach1.
I have tried to Google and most talk about a reservoir and the cap has has the dipstick attached. This is what I have on my newer cars.
My mustang only has a dipstick like checking oil only shorter.
When checking is it correct the engine should be warmed up and then turned off? Then check the fluid level on level surface?
Adding fluid is done through the tube/pipe?
If you find it to full, how is the best way to remove or replace?
In my newer cars with the reservoir I just use a cooking baster but that will not fit in the mustang tube.if I want to replace I suck it all out, refill, run the car for awhile and do this several times.
Hope this is not to long.
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