Power Steering Control Valve ...

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  1. I finally got the 70 up in the air and it was pretty easy to see what was wrong with the steering.

    The power steering control valve -- the ball joint is broken -- the pivot point that connects to the control arm.

    Can a person find a rebuilt one? can you buy one?

    It has original steering controls.

  2. That ball moves back and forth with out pressure on it .it should be checked with it running. It is re buildable if it is bad .
  3. the base near the bushing is cracked -- can i just buy a new one?
  4. Yeah ,i think they are expensive though.
  5. will the flaming river control valve just plug and play with the original, in good shape, parts i have in there now?
  6. I haven't tried one yet ,there is different hose fitting sizes for different years so make sure you get the right year .