SN95 Power Steering Delete Question

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  1. Okay, so I'm trying to plan out my desires for next year's (hopefully) tax returns. I've already remove 48.5lbs from the front of my car. That leaves 122lbs until I reach the same weight as a stock 94-95 coup. My desire is to switch out the stock K-member & A arms with tubular and coil overs. That should remove another 50-60lbs off the front. I'd like to also like to delete the power steering set up at the same time in favor of a flaming river set up (20:1). That should delete another 30lbs. Lastly, I may also opt for aluminum heads to knock off another 40-45lbs.

    I'm thinking with all that weight off the front of the car that a manual steering set up would not be all that forearm intensive even in a daily driver.

    I have 2 questions:

    1) I'd like to keep my A/C, but loose the pwr steering. Can I just find a shorter belt if that happens?

    2) Is there some kind of dummy pulley to replace the pwr steering pump similar to the smog pump delete kit?

    Any info is appreciated. Also, if you think I have severely misjudged the effort needed w/a manual set, even with all the weight off the front of the car (appx 165lbs), please feel free to say so, and help me understand your point of view.

    Thanks, guys!
  2. Not worth it, I did it to my fox years ago and finally put it back. The small weight difference in no way makes up for the expense and less enjoyable driving experience.

    I am all for new aluminium heads, just be sure to really think about the cost vs benefit of the PS delete.
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  3. What part is not worth it? The K-member/A arm set up, or the manual steering set up?

    I'm still evaluating the cost vs benefit of the pwr steering delete.
  4. The manual steering, I had a FR 20.1 rack for years, I grew to hate it. I would advise anyone other than a hardcore drag racer to keep the power steering.
  5. Oh, ok. That makes the decision a lot easier. Did you have their steering shaft too?
  6. what do you think about the fr sportsman quick ratio power rack? Worth it over a stock?
  7. You should already have a quick ratio rack (15:1) stock

    I got lucky and found a 04 Cobra rack, however I believe any SN95 power rack is a nice upgrade over the Fox racks.

    All this Rack talk!!
  8. I do, but its 21 years old. I want to do my steering and suspension stuff, and was debating a FR power rack over a reman stock.
  9. Just curious, but what are the advantages from an SN95 power rack in foxes?
  10. Ok, you changed my mind. I'm staying power. Thank you.