Power Steering Hoses , Need Help

Apr 29, 2016
Charleston SC
During , the installation of my JBA headers I found that I needed a lowering bracket for the slave cylinder on the power steering. While I was down there I realized that system was working but needed some love due the leaks and boots that where in poor shape. So I decided that I would get a rebuild kit and do a rebuild. Well I am trying to figure out why I have no bracket to hold the power steering lines. It is not there just the old lines covered with foam insulation like you might see on a roll bar but smaller and the lines are zip tied together and to a brake line I think. Well I removed all of them and I want it to be proper. What should I do? Help!
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Mod Dude
Nov 29, 1999
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You can buy the bracket new at any parts vendor ,it mounts to the frame on the lower control arm bracket .You will also need the rubber insulator for the metal bracket .