Power Steering Hydroboost problem


New Member
Mar 21, 2019
Putnam, CT
ok. So here is my dilemma. I have a 2000 GT with Hydro-boost, of course. You probably already know where I am heading with this but wait, there is a twist. I put in a new steering rack, all Teflon seals have been replaced all the way up to the hydroboost manifold, there is a brand new steering pump as well and there are no fluid leaks anywhere what so sever. I have done the ridiculous 90 sets of turning the wheel from lock to lock along with pumping the brakes in between each set with the car off and front end raised off the ground, my forearms are huge now.!!!! It drank only a little bit of fluid and not much more. I tried running the car out of frustration and that did not help either. I am still getting a lot of whirring from the steering pump and the brakes still go to the floor while whining. I am so frustrated with this and have no other clue as to what it could be, maybe a bad hydroboost pump? any suggestions as to how to fix this crazy problem? Could there be an air leak somewhere that won't show signs of fluid leakage? I also forgot to mention I hear a gurgle coming from the steering rack when I turn left all the way to the lock while the car is ignition off. Driving me nuts here, any suggestions?
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