Power Steering Issue.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by striker911411, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. I turn the wheel all the way to the lock, hold it, and shut the engine off and keep holding the wheel in place. I do that for both sides. That usually burps all the air out within a few tries for me
  2. I never see anyone mention the warning about the air bag clockspring. On cars equipped with an air bag you need to be careful about turning the steering wheel too far, it can damage the clockspring. The best way to avoid this is to disconnect the steering shaft coupler when the wheels are pointed straight forward and the steering wheel is locked. When you install the new rack you need to make sure it is oriented so the wheels will be pointing straight forward. Once you have the steering shaft coupler put back together with at least one bolt in it, you can unlock the steering wheel and rotate the shaft as needed.
  3. I got an email back about that cone. They put the measurements in the description for me today. http://www.toolsource.com/-p-127933.html?sourceid=cm10
    But in the mean time I found an old cap I had in the shed. I could just use that with a fitting on top. :)
  4. Great Idea on the harbor freight pump. I even have one of them. Thats how I will do it and will only cost me fittings and some hose if I need it. Might have everything I need, just have to dig and see. Thanks for all the help.
  5. I tried that and killed a new pump. I had turned the wheel a bunch of times and flushed all the old fluid out. So last the last effort IMO was to start it up and try that. But the pump kicked the bucket when I did that. Might have just been a bad remaned pump but I thought I should do it with vacuum just in case. When you had as much trouble as I have, you will try anything and everything.