Power Steering Lines~routing

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  1. Curious about the line routing from the backside lower line on the pump, it goes to the fitting underneath the coolant overflow tank, then goes up to a U~turn type return back to the fitting then to the rack. Why doesn't it go right to the rack?? Does it need air to cool the line, ...I mean for air you are pretty much driving straight and not turning anyways. Is there something I'm missing??
  2. Pictures are needed to clarify your question.

    I know that some Mustangs had a U shaped finned tube for a PS fluid cooler in the return line from the rack to the PS pump. Is that what you are asking about?
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  3. Yes it goes up in front of the radiator on the left side in front of the overflow tank. So apparently it gets hot turning and when you go straight it cools it off?? This pic is acting up.
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