Power Steering Pump/alternator

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  1. I've posted a few threads about this mustang in the past...its a 1989 5.0 302....I bought the car cheap... it needed head gasket replaced.. I've replaced that and got the heads..intake and Carb bolted on...about to replace water pump in the morning.....when I got the mustang every thing was already taken apart so I need some help with installing the alternator and PS pump and brackets View attachment 104164 View attachment 104164 View attachment 104164 View attachment 104164 View attachment 104164 View attachment 104164 View attachment 104164
  2. P/S bolts into the driver side using two long bolts. Top one I believe is larger size and longer bolt that bottom. You have a non oem home made alternator bracket. That goes on the passenger side. It appears the bottom bolt on the alternator and the closest hole in the bracket go into the cylinder head using the long bolt that would go through the oem bracket.

    You wil have to mock up that bracket and see where the holes line up. I assume you have no tensioner?

    It is best to take pictures when you are tearing things apart for future reference.
  3. No I have no tensioner...and it was apart when I got the car..the ps pump and the alternator were bolted together for some reason...not sure why because i know they mount to opposite sides...thanks for the info
  4. sometimes people move the alternator over to the driver side, so that could be. Looks like a shadetree setup for sure. You'll need to mock it up and see how they line up. Other option is to buy a March or other alternator bracket that puts it on the passenger side.
  5. OK thanks ...I'm trying to figure out this bracket lol
  6. IMG_20140729_113941_321.jpg This is how it looks mounted to the PS pump...trying to figure out where this bracket mounts
  7. And I have no mounting bolts.. what size are the bolts to mount
  8. Do yourself a huge favor and pickup a Chilton or Haynes repair manual and do a little reading. Sounds like this car was pretty hacked up
  9. I got a Haynes but really don't have good pic...would Chilton be better