Power steering pump noise (fix?)

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by MUSTANGJOE, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. Hey guys! :)

    What can I do about my power steering pump? It makes so much noise when I turn the wheel..you know that ford noise! (eeeeeeeeeeeee)..lol
    My friends the other day are like..whats wrong with your car! thats how loud it is. But it works really well ..nice and smoth like it should be. I dont wanna change the pump just for the noise and if I do change it will it stop or are every ford power steering pumps that noisy? Thanks
  2. Hey, my steering sucked and my mechanic replaced my leakey power steering pump with a new one..It makes that noise still but its not bad at all. i'd say replace it, it will make your steering better and improve the quality of your stang....Now I dont understand why my catalytic converters were glowing red last night after 10 minutes of idle.. :shrug:
  3. thanks, ill probably change it then. Do you know the price range about and should I buy an OEM part?

    Your probably running too lean, check your fuel pressure. Thats the only problem I can think of!
  4. I've tried all the tricks in the past, you can't stop the noise. I just replaced mine w/ an Auto Zone rebuild, it's working good. Wasn't making noise but it was leaking like a MoFo.

    The glowing cats is probably a timing issue.
  5. My noise stopped when I switched to syntheitc power steering fluid
  6. I got mine from Brothers Performance, they shipped it and I got it in 3 days, it was cheap.
  7. synthetic power steering fluid..anyone else ever try this?
  8. Just get a manual rack. I replaced my power steering rack twice & had enough of it. I went with the flaming river quick ratio & I wish I had done it sooner. I like it much better than the touchy power steering plus it's a lot more durable.
  9. stang PS pumps are noisy. i run syn PS fluid.
  10. Does that silence it? Ive noticed alot of those pumps in ford products of that era have the same damn noise
  11. sorry Matt, i dont know (why i did not say anything else). when i got the car, within about 10 miles i put a new pump, lines, rack and front end in it. with all fresh stuff, it does still make noise (kind of a hissing noise, but not an actual whine). it is livable (also, only noise it does make is in the driveway, when not moving and turning the wheel - kind of a no no anyhow). for the price of fluid (i run Redline), i think it is worth a shot.
  12. You know I was just thinking about this today. I bought a '93 4 popper a few weeks ago as a beater. I was changing all of the fluids in it to make it road worthy. The p/s fluid was really black so I drained it. I then discovered I didn't have any power steering fluid around. So I filled it with some max life tranny fluid. It is much more quiet now. It isn't silent , but it is much better than my GT. I think I am going to pick up some synth P/S fluid for the GT this weekend and see how it does.
  13. Yeah, I may want to add this.....I also put in a new 4cyl rack at the same time. My pump isnt silent but its definatly not the loud whiney pump it was before.
  14. i put an agr p/s pump on my car.after i had to take it apart twice to fix it from leaking(once around the large o-ringand later for a fitting o-ring,probably just a fluke since it was a new pump and it could only happen to me)it's been very quiet compared to most any other ford pump i've heard and i just use regular p/s fluid,agr doesn't recommend using atf or other fluids.
  15. Go to Advance and pick up a bottle of Pyroil power steering fluid. Mine used to be loud too :D
  16. Ive got synthetic fluid in mine as well. In fact I use syn. in my engine, tranny, brakes and differential. My pump would squeal and leaked. I replaced the rack and the pump from a company called AGR. They sell the pumps on Summits website. They are supposed to be higher in output and performance. The only problem I had is that they shipped the rack without the spacers to limit the lock to lock and my wheels rubbed the lower control arm. I had to salvage the spacers from my old unit. The pump came and leaked like a mofo, so I called them and it turns out they didnt put an o-ring where they should have. I went out and picked one up and all is now good. No squeaks, squeals or leaks. Make sure your belt is within range and in good condition too.
  17. Lucas Makes an awesome power steering fluid additive that quiet's pump right down and at the same time stop's leak's, free's up hard spot's, and decrease's turning effort. You can run your p/s with just the Lucas stuff or just add it. I've used this stuff and I coudn't believe how well it worked. I highly recomend trying it out.... you'll be very impressed.

  18. mustangmax, i'm glad to see i'm not the only one with problems from agr.worked great after i fixed it,we probably got a friday or monday pump,lol.

  19. Kinda scary... When I called them they didnt even seem concerned. It was like it was no big deal. I gave them a speech and demanded the o-ring seal be sent out. They sent it out but even when I demanded one I knew I'd replace it myself before theirs arrived. Sure enough, I got a replacement locally and fixed the unit before AGR's showed up a week later. :flame:AGR
  20. yeah they acted like that when i called.mine had an old piece of another seal stuck under the large o-ring.i said heck with it and just bought a seal kit and fixed it myself.if you want something done right do it your self.