Power Steering Screeching Noise??

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  1. Question my 91 gt makes a nasty noise whenever im turning its like a screeching noise my grandpas thunder bird does the same what is that? And how to stop it? Thanks
  2. It may be the ball joints.
  3. I forgot to ask..are you talking about just a whining noise? or do you feel /hear a grind when you turn the steering wheel?
  4. The power steering pumps on fox body Mustangs are notorious for making noise. With the engine running, turn the steering wheel all the way against the stop. If you hear the noise then, leave the steering wheel against the stop and check the power steering fluid level. It may be low, if not, it is the design of the pump.
  5. Not sure what fluid you used but it should have Type F Fluid in the System?
  6. Could be a stray cat.

    Just sayin'