Power Steering Underdrive Pulley ?

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  1. I would always recommend upgrading to the 3g alternator or better on a Fox.

  2. Curious why a 95 and not a 130 amp? That is normally the option people choose.
  3. At the time I didn't have access to air tools to notch the alt bracket so the 3G would fit. The 95 amp will suffice
  4. 95 slides right in the 130 does not
  5. Gt40, 3.73, triax- the only words required to create a 79-95 mustang forum.
  6. Not true. small case 3g and 6g's slide right in and the larger case only need a minor mod on the bracket. You don't need air tools- a dremel, grinder, hacksaw, or drill with a carbide grinding bit will do the job. Well worth the 5 minutes of trimming for a much better unit and larger charging capability.

    Hoping you at least upgraded and did not reuse the stock power wires.
  7. I would prefer Trickflow,Vortech and Mickey Thompson ;)
  8. hmm lemme see... T'was a couple years ago but if memory serves( and sometimes it doesn't) I think I just bolted er on in "as is." The 95 amp works pretty well so I'm gonna let er ride for now until eBay releases an alternator promising 20 horse and 30 ft lb of torque.
  9. Ha touché. Mine was the poor man version
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  10. Regarding pulley size: The problem is, the way the system works, there's not a direct linear relationship between pulley speed and pump output. Once it reaches a certain threshold, that's what it puts out. Slowing the pulley down only raises the threshold speed. The way to tune steering feel is with the rack, specifically the spool valve and the torsion bar, which determine how much assist is given to the steering, and at what steering input force.

    edit: Words from an engineer who used to work for one of Ford's hydraulics suppliers:
  11. "Lessens parasitic losses at high end" Thank you, this should be obvious, and you dont need a dyno to figure this out like some have suggested.
  12. Well, without a dyno or consistent drag strip testing there's no way to know if the reduction is significant. ;)
  13. Sometimes you just gotta have faith
  14. Good info in there anyway. I like picking up titbits like that. Thanks for posting the quote.