1. Thought you might enjoy some car photos.
    Hotel parking lot this morning... Arlington, TX. People from all over, California, Michigan and Iowa were a few I talked to this morning.
    Pick up packets and register Long Haul today,our starts tomorrow.


  2. Definitely enjoy the car pics. Thanks

    Keep them coming as you go along.

    Safe travels!

  3. Thanks.
    Car people are so nice, chev/ford whatever. In line waiting for a shirt or magnet and a conversation just pops up talking about cars and what it takes or why someone is driving a rental because his car had problems at the last minute, how he is enjoying the air conditioning while the rest of his group sweats. :)

    Oh 76 degrees and 84% humidity.. cloudy.. hoping for no SUN.. :) Remind me to put electric fans on my radiator.. Heat problems when running A/C. :(
  4. Hot Rod Power Tour 2013

    4000 cars signed up, probably 2,000 long Haulers, that do the entire trip. (like me)
    Every gas station, Motel, etc. has Hot Rods in them. Friendly car people everywhere.

    Here is a link to the route and cities.

    Mostly back roads....

    Police escort for about 200 cars that parked on Beale street in Memphis.

    Another short clip.

    Starting home tomorrow.
  5. Birmingham... put the car on the dyno,, Hot and humid not very good numbers, but good enough for Chevrolet to give me a plaque for best HP of the day!! ;) I think it was 588rwhp :(
  6. Memphis International Raceway, Grandson and I. Car didn't do well, one reason it went on the dyno in Birmingham. Course the trunk and back seat was full and my grandson was in the car.:)

  7. Man, you are having too much fun :nice:
  8. wow great pics and congrats on the highest hp
  9. Im going to have to do that at some point, looks very cool. Maybe on the next northern route coming through the Midwest.
  10. I think the tour goes fron North Carolina to Wisconsin next year.
  11. What was it, 2011 when it went from Dallas up through IA into WI or MN? That would have been my perfect route had I been prepared. I grew up in Dallas, and currently live in IA about an hour from Newton where they had a day's worth of events. We will see where life takes me in the next couple years. Any extra pics, or did you already share them all?
  12. Here are a couple more.. People in the tour sometime stop along the road and watch cars go by. We were stopped by a train and there are opportunities for photography. The photo of a garage was when I stopped to have the car checked. I thought the clutch cable was unraveling. There was a Hitch ? at the bottom of the stroke..... He said the cable was fine and it was in the ellhousing/shift fork and couldn't see up there. It fixed itself the next day?? A rock maybe.....

    http://s268.photobucket.com/user/Popsfun/slideshow/2013/Hot Rod Power Tour/Memphis 6042013

    http://s268.photobucket.com/user/Popsfun/slideshow/2013/Hot Rod Power Tour/Hoover Al 06252013?sort=3