Electrical Power Window Issue

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  1. Ok, so both my rear power window motors on my 91 vert died. When I got the car a few days ago, the driver side rear motor was dead, and the passenger side rear motor was gone completely. I managed to find the bracket, got new motors and went at it. Got the driver side one replaced and working like new. The passenger side one is giving me some issues and I'm curious if anyone would have any idea what it would be. I bolted the motor in and it seemed to fit fine. When I rolled the window down with the switch, it went maybe an inch down and then got stock and the motor was spinning, but not in contact with the regulator gears. Could the regulator be bad? I ran out of daylight to check for something blocking it or jamming it, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask on here
  2. Can you post pictures?
  3. check for broken window slide bushings. They keep the track in place and are made of plastic and break. Take out the motor and try and move the window up and down manually. See where it binds. You should also spray a little white lithium grease in the track on on the gears..
  4. I'll mess with it in the morning and if I don't have any luck I'll post pics. It's stuck up so it might be the bushings, or maybe the old owner jammed something up inside to keep it from falling. only time will tell I guess
  5. does the window go down if you hold the switch and wiggle the window? the bottom brackets on the of the window track are known for breaking.
  6. ok so I got bolts for the regulator and bolted everything down. window goes down and up & seals (as tight as a vert will get...which is still terrible) but only by hand. motor spins freely and doesnt grab the window. and the window moves left/right, side to side. it's loose. Not too sure what the rod that goes up and down is called but I'm thinking that's my problem. any ideas?
  7. oh and now my pump for the top died so I have to manually put it up/down by hand with help from someone else. which is always fun, especially with the amazing weather we have here in NC. weather channel calls for sunny all week long and we get thunderstorms and high winds 5 of the 7 days...the solenoids are clicking when I hit the switch on the dash. but the motor inside does nothing. is the pump shot or am I missing something simple?
  8. here's a pic since I can't remember if I've even posted one on the site yet. the 20inch rims are only temporary. They ride real stiff so I am getting draglites for daily driving it. But I will keep the 20s for car shows since they get so much attention and compliments for some reason

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  9. NC here too, late model resto sells repair kits, it does sound like your window guides are not keeping the window on "track" which is that metal tube that runs vertical in there.... here is the kit


    youll need to check the pump, if its not running and there are no fluid leaks most likely pump... the pump is a circular sealed type system an fluid is on both sides of the pump cylinder from what I understand...

    for sure you hear a strong pump whine when its running.. and pushing the top hydraulic rams... lmr sells those parts too...

    they also have a nifty booklet specifically for verts, windows , tops, motors etc you may want...
  10. yea I saw that kit but wanted to ask before I spent 100$ I don't really have right now. I'm trying to get my interior finished so I can start working under the hood.