Electrical Power Window...will Not Work

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  1. I have a '04 with the driver's side window that went down and won't come back up.

    I hear a clicking sound when the button is depressed but that's it. No movement at all.

    So how do I get the panel off to inspect? I can get the plastic section (with switches and pull cup) partly out but the lowest part, near the pull cup, seems not to want to come out.
    So there's that and then how do I get the panel off?
    Please tell me each step because answers 'like just take it off' worries me that I'll break a plastic tab and it will not go back on.

    Oh I have done a search and only found three posts which had responses like I mention above.

    Thank you for any and all help....

    and If someone needs help with a '67....maybe I could return the favor.

  2. Sounds like the Contact inside the switch. Lift the front area of the switch bezel (closest to the windshield) and slide forward to remove.

  3. I forgot to mention I hear a click when the button is depressed.

    Also I can lift up the plastic bezel that the switches are in and angle it up almost off but the very bottom is holding on for dear life.
  4. When you lift it slide it forwards towards the dash.
  5. okay will do.

    I also found a video online that should help.
    Thanks guys.:flag:
  6. There's been at least a dozen similar complaints over the last few years. I don't know why a search wasn't more successful.
    In any case, before you remove the door trim, here is what has worked for most:

    -1- Open the door.
    -2- Operate the switch until you hear the "click".
    -3- Hold the switch in that position while you slam the door shut.

    If the motor starts running again, the problem is likely worn brushes, and you will soon need a new motor (though some have reported their window worked fine for more than a year afterwards).

    If there is a delay between operation of the switch and the "click", the "click" could be the thermal circuit breaker tripping. That suggests the window is jammed, overloading the motor.
  7. okay I'll try that first...but like you said it just delays the fix.

    I checked the Ford parts versus others....Ford parts are the motor and the regulator sold seperate which are way more expensive than the Off brands which come as one unit. Any fears about NON-Ford parts?
  8. My car has done this randomly since I got it 8 years ago. The slamming the door while depressing the switch trick has worked every time and still does. If anything it failed a lot more years ago and now barely ever does it.
  9. same here...had it happen a couple times a couple years ago, but hasn't happened since...and I didn't really have to slam the door, just firmly closed it while holding the UP button.

    and for what it's worth I have just under 250,000 miles on the car