power windows

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  1. 1989 mustang hardtop, passenger window inoperative( in the closed position) with the cold weather upon us at least that's a plus! Neither switch will move it. I took off the door panel and can't figure out how to access the motor let alone see it! Any experience out there with removing and replacing the motor?:bang:
  2. The power window motor is riveted in on the backside of the inner door shell. Look at the door shell and you will see some rivets in it. Feel behind there and you will find your motor. Follow your door wiring harness and you will find the electrical connector for it. Before you go through removing the motor, I would test it first right at that connector to make sure it is not one of the switches causing problems. If it is bad, just drill out the rivets and take the motor out and install a new motor, using rivets again. It's pretty easy once you figure out how everything fits in there. Since you have the door open, don't forget to clean any dirt out of the bottom of the door and make sure the drain holes are open.
  3. As soon as I get a break in the weather I'll give it a go, making sure the motor is getting power first! Thanks for the interest and help.