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  1. I have an 01 gt with a Saleen series 1 supercharger. I was installing spark plugs today and had to remove throttle body to do so. It has a bbk 75mm throttle body. Well I noticed the poweraid spacer was actually smaller in bore. I was going to remove it because I know they are gimmicky to begin with but that makes my throttle cable and cruise cable too long. Is there an adjustment for these that will go the inch I need. I mean I'm kinda defeating the purpose with that thing smaller. It actually looks like they had to try and enlargen it so the butterfly wouldn't catch
  2. I've never messed with my throttle cable so Im not familiar with them.....but can't you just cut it?
  3. Yeah. I was thinking the same. Get a Dremel and hog that spacer out to match the throttle body.
  4. If the spacer is smaller in dia. than the throttle body then it is a very good possibility that it is doing more harm than good. Either port match the spacer or remove it in my opinion.

    How is the throttle cable too long? The factory cables have crimped on premade ends and I would refrain from cutting them. I know that it is sometimes a tight fit to get a spacer on and have modified the brackets that hold the cables but have never cut them.
  5. Bore that bad boy out. I wouldn't go frakking with the cables.
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  6. It's bored now. Thanks guys
  7. Nice!