Powerdyne Supercharger

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  1. i just bought a 94 gt with a powerdyne supercharger on it im new to the supercharger deal i usually run turbos but just wondering if any one knows if the oil needs to be changed in it any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  2. I usually change SC oil ever other engine oil change. You need to find out specifically, what oil is recommended. Mine take a straight, synthetic, 50 weight oil. I've no idea what Powerdyne recommends for theirs.
  3. ok thank you
  4. I have a powerdyne laying around. It's belt driven inside, not gear driven. It has sealed bearings and there is no oil. I would figure yours is just like mine
  5. mine is a bd-10
  6. I know that the Powerdyne units aren't universally loved, but that's the one I have. Unfortunately, it munched the belt yesterday. Any input on belt selections? For what it's worth, mine is a BD-11.
  7. If you know what length it is that you need, I'm a huge fan of Gator-Back belts. It drives my twin screw.

    You should be able to order one up from your favorite parts store.
  8. Sorry, I should have been more specific. The Powerdyne has an internal drive belt. That belt ate itself yesterday.
  9. I'm not sure that, that is a job someone can do on a simple work-bench.

    Waaaaaaaaaay back when, I remember that people sent them in for rebuilds to get belts replaced.

    Hopefully someone who had one of these will know and come by shortly.


    Found this though. Might be some help:

    Says BD-10.
  10. Guys say that it can easily be done at home, but I haven't actually done it yet, so I cannot confirm it yet. It certainly seems doable from the pics and info I've found.
  11. Thanks for the link. That's one of the belts I am considering. I'm just hoping someone has input to share that could save me a little trial and error.
  12. I can find several belt options, I'm just hoping to get something more durable so that I can keep living it up on the good times that boost makes possible!
  13. I think durability is limited no matter what belt you're running....hence the reason these kits went bye-bye.

    Truth be told, they were never really meant to run beyond 5-6psi.
  14. As I said earlier, i know its not the ideal setup, but its the one that I own. I have to make the best of it by sourcing the strongest version of the weak link or toss it and frankly, I dig that boost!
  15. Scroll down to where it says Powerdyne Rebuilds. http://www.superchargerupgrades.com/

    Look at each of their rebuilds to see what they do.

    It does appear that SOMEONE knows how to improve these things and make them pretty damned good.
  16. I have discovered that you can do quite a lot with them. If I can find a good belt, I would probably spend a little more to upgrade it. First, it needs to keep making boost, then I wouldn't mind sending it out for a little more love. I bought the unit used about 7 years ago. I finally got back around to working on the car and finishing up the install a couple days ago. It worked great and the car ran really well, then the belt broke. The car still runs well, but I sure miss that extra atmosphere! Hopefully with a fresh upgrade belt, it will live a little longer...
  17. Try that belt in the first link. You can always worry about upgrading the blower later on.
  18. That's kinda what I'm thinking.
  19. Mine was well used when I got it. Ran 6 psi for a while, upped to 8 or 9 about 6 months later. Ran pretty well. Put a crank pulley on it shot up to 12 psi and it started sounding like a s trim but the belt never broke.