Powerhouse Turbo Installed!!!!

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  1. That’s right, you read it correctly!!! The 1st powerhouse customer unit is installed in my car, and the 2nd unit is installed in Excepcion13’s car!!!!! We are at powerhouse right now waiting for them to wrap up Excepcion13’s dyno tune.

    About a month ago, I heard Mike was looking for a automatic for the first turbo install to document the install. Well I looked up the location, and they were about 6 hours from me in DC, though I’m originally from PA. So I called Mike @ Powerhouse for the free install deal and my luck held true, he needed an auto. In fact, he needed 3 cars, and I figured, hell, I should call Robert (Excepcion13) and convince him turbo was the way to go, which didn’t take much! LOL.

    So, two weeks ago, we drove our stangs up to Girard PA (right outside of Erie) and drove a rental back down. Today, two weeks later we are finally picking up our cars. We just didn’t get Turbo’s though, check out the list of mods on this massive trip:


    • Powerhouse Turbo @ 8 PSI w/Intercooler
    • Powerhouse UCA
    • Powerhouse LCA
    • Powerhouse Panhard Bar & Brace


    • Powerhouse Turbo @ 8 PSI w/Intercooler
    • Boost Gauge
    • H20 Temp Gauge (switching out for a electronic AF wideband once Powerhouse gets it in)
    • Powerhouse UCA

    Now, we won’t be able to post dyno’s and track slips for about a week. We may hit the 1/8th track Wednesday night to get some preliminary slips. Also keep in mind Powerhouse uses a Mustang dyno. So, we should be back home in about 8 hours time, at that time I will post some final mustang dyno numbers, or call one of the board members to post them as my laptop battery is dying!

    Man, I can’t wait to go to the track!!!! I’m dying to get Stella on the track, the wait is killing me!!!!

    Also, here are some pics for you guys, more to come along with videos. Enjoy!!!









  2. Let me be the first to congratulate you, keeping the secret was killing me! Congrats
  3. i KNEW there was something up your sleeve!! you have not posted much lately!! congrats!! :banana:

    what all did you actually pay for? all parts and labor was free?

    you two are very lucky!!

    now you have to change your signatures!!
  4. Congrats dude!!! This is so awesome!!! WOOHOO!!!

    Ok... it did just get off the phone with Rygen. His car put down 299RWHP on a Mustang Dyno.... so figure right around 320RWHP to 325RWHP on a DynoJet! WOW!! Excp13 put down 303RWHP!

    Rygen got on the gas while we were on the phone... You could really hear his car absolutely ROARING in the background!!!! I can't wait to see some video clips!!! LOL!

    Drive safe you guys!
  5. Actually they paided full list price for the turbo... The install was free... Powerhouse need a few test cars to verify their install manual... LOL
  6. thats what i meant, just didnt type it clearly. paid for parts, labor was free....
  7. Hey Rygen maybe someone could challenge you to dyno duel! LOL Sorry couldn't help it I'm still laughing about that one!

  8. Yep, we did. Thanks for clearing that up Scrming. :nice: And thanks for posting the numbers.
  9. Thanks everyone. Robert and I were amazed at the power these cars put down. Unfortunately it was too crowded on the high way to safely get a video. I will work on that tomorrow and/or Tuesday and post asap.

    We also need to get exhaust clips, the turbo changes the sound. Our mufflers actually growl more!!!!

    Now for some pics, just took them, enjoy:





    Also, I found a place to test the hard launch up in Erie near Powerhouse. Well, lets just say I have to learn to launch all over again. My car broke loose on 1 st and then again on 2 nd on the same launch!!!! This is with 275’s on the rear.

    The power is insane!!

  10. I know, I've been dyno challenged. LOL.
  11. no heat shield for the CAI?

  12. Nope, the track units don't have them either. A good point, I'll ask Mike about it.
  13. so much for...

    tryin to catch up w/ you guys as far as power goes. nah...jk. congrats on the turbo installs guys. how do those upper links feel? mine from MMR make my car plant the tires like crazy...that along with the drag shocks. & lets see some quarter mile times w/ those setups.
  14. I've talked to Mike about this last year when his CIA was being designed. He indicated that there was no real noticeable temp difference with or without the shield. In addition, the turbo comes with an intercooler.
  15. Congrats on the setup :) It looks sweet.
  16. you know you can pick up even more power withut a tune change by ditching those mufflers. get a strait through none chamber muffler. and congrats on the turbo they are sweet arnt they:nice:
  17. Thanks. :nice: I had magnapacks before and couldn't stand the drone. My concern with straight through design mufflers is drone. Any thoughts on this?
  18. Really, cool. Thanks for the info. :nice:
  19. Should have kept the MRT's in the garage! LOL! According to the science behind the aero-turbine it's actually better than a straight-pipe... LOL!

    hmmmmm.... I wonder... LOL!