Powermaster Alternator kit,,,w/pics

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  1. It was either this or the set up from March. Whatcha' think?


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  2. Looks good to me!!
  3. Looks good. It looks like it makes the thermostat easier to change by getting all the stuff out of the way.
  4. wow thats really red huh
  5. I like the oil filter lol
  6. Looks good, good job on the photography too. After using one of those brackets on my current car, every stang I own from now on will have one. Looks so much better and gets rid of that big ass bracket and tensioner.
  7. I like it alot, how much was that one? I saw an exact copy of the march kit on ebay for 40 bucks. I love those set ups, helps lose some weight becuase of not needing the smog bracket.
  8. I think,,$129. I knew going into this that I was ditching the AC and PS. Made it a point to talk to both March and Powermaster at the PRI show in Orlando when I went.