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  1. I have an '87 coupe currently powered by a 351w. I was wondering if anyone knew if it is possible to install a newer powerstroke into my coupe with the least amount of chopping it up. I have been really looking into diesel power and it is phenominal.
  2. I have never seen it done, but it would be cool.
  3. [​IMG]

    :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: They can go very fast. I believe this truck hit 200 mph on the salt flats and 10's in the 1/4 mile...

    I would think weight would be the biggest problem. I would plan on a lot of fabricating and a lot of hacking... most of these diesel's are big!!! :nice:
  4. I agree..it would be neat but the weight would be killer and there would definitely need to be some fabbing and cutting.
  5. If you do it I will, uhh, do some crazy ****.

    Anyway, this idea has been floating around in my head since forever but I do not have the funds or tools and skills to do it.
  6. The weight alone would negate any positive effects it would have on streetable performance unless burnouts are your game then in that case party on
  7. a fully dressed powerstroke is probably around the 1200lb range, pretty heavy for a such a light car. Your best bet would be a VW TDI. They are not huge on power, but with injectors and computer mods, you might be around the 250hp range. The only other option would be a 4bt Cummins. Once again not real big on power. They are mostly bread trucks and small industrial equipment that use these. The is very little performance upgrades for them. Navistar/ford have been discussing, a 4 cyl PSD to put in rangers, and a 6 cyl PSD to put in 1/2 tons. The way the diesel craze is going I would bet you might see them in the next few years.
  8. I thought that a 7.3 liter powerstroke was about the same size of a 460, considering a 7.3 is only a 445 cubic inch motor i believe. I could be wrong though.
  9. yea the weight would definitely be an issue...but with the torque you can make with a diesel it could be worth it
  10. There is a local guy, that put a 5.4 lightning motor in an SN95, I dont know all the logistics of it, (never got a chance to talk to him) that damn thing hauled ass!! lol Smooth idle, massive torque. He had the stock hood on it at the time, yeah.. it had a hole cut in it, which is what first made me go.. "WTF??" then I looked at it closer, then got a chance to see it run!

    The powerstroke thing, that would be cool as hell, but the packaging to get it done?.. ehh I dunno. But, hey.. it would be REALLY different,

    Some of the best things in life, have come because someone said "It cant be done!"

    If its something you really want to do, Im sure it CAN be done. And, personally, I would actually like to see it!! :) that'd be sweet!

    goto it man!!

  11. Another challenge would be exhaust and the turbo. I have a 6.0L sitting in my back room right now and it is huge. I couldn't imagine a 7.3L under the hood of a fox body.

  12. the ranger does have a diesel model from the 80's. its hard to find though. they do have new diesel rangers but you cant get them in north amarica, you have to go south. they may be floating around mexico also, but im not sure.
  13. it would be i pita! powerstrokes are electronic (smart) engines.
    plus the turbo is on top*

    a cummins 12 valve would be easier. they are dumb. (they will run in the floor with fuel) NO WIRES AT ALL!!!
    the turbo is on the side, not against the fire wall*
  14. lol. omg. my dad has a 7.3 powerstroke f250. that thing has 205hp and 425lbtq...
    with.. 25:1 compression. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!

    anyway, i used a pilot bearing from an 85 turbodiesel ranger. it's a 4cyl but its still, a, turbodiesel.....
  15. i'll tell you a good motor for this swap our new ford LCF has a TT V6 powerstroke in it and its a good running truck.
  16. I dont think a 90/10 weight distribution with 600 ftlb torque would be any fun to drive. The rattling and stinking sooty exhaust would be awesome though.
  17. The 4BT Cummins uses quite a few of the same components as the 6BT. Some tricked out 5.9L injectors, injector pump mods, and a couple of turbos would make some good power. Not to mention nitrous. Diesels love nitrous.
  18. If you intend to do this swap be prepared for plenty of fabrication......and what transmission do you plan to use behind your diesel? That may be a bigger problem than the engine.
  19. IF you go the 4BT Cummins rout, there are parts available to bolt up just about what ever transmission you want to use. Check these guys out:

    DESTROKED: Cummins Conversions
  20. Not only the weight, but the size, physically, is just too much for a fox body. I work around and on Powerstrokes all day long, 7.3's, 6.0's and 6.4's. It is just not feasible. Turbo that 351 and you'll be very happy.