Powerstroke Fox-body

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  1. the 5.4 3v is too big for them cars let alone a 7.3
  2. how miuch larger could a powerstroke be then a 460? my freinds and i have a 460 swapped fox. we are planning on turboing it sometime next year with two T4 turbos, and aiming for 1200 whp.

    i can get some pics of the 460 in the fox if you want...

    there is also 460ford.com lots of 460 foxbodys and mybe sn95 there.
  3. I think a powerstroke mustang would be one of the coolest thing ever constructed. I say go for it. They put a lighting engine in a fox. No reason you cant put a Powerstroke in one too. You could run 2.73 rear gears and get crazy fuel mileage and not to mention top end speed. Just think about rolling in to the local spot with the big diesel talking trash under the hood. It might not be fast in the quarter but open the hood on that and see the guys stop in there tracks.

    by the way here is the specs on a 7.3
    http://www.thedieselstop.com/contents/getitems.php3?7.3L DIT Power Stroke - Part 1
  4. ...You didn't see 5.0 Mustang's "Project Fox 500?" They transplanted the S197 Cobra guts into a fox just fine.
  5. no such thing as a S197 cobra.
  6. dude a 'stroke is way bigger than a 460. If you put a 460 beside a PSD, it would look like a 4banger. Have fun fitting that in there.

    Then theres the tranny. For the size of transmission you would need you would have to lift the car to creat some ground clearance.

    Instead of putting a PSD in a fox body, why not put one in an old crown vic or something big like that?
  7. The cuin is not the only thing that determines the size of an engine. The diesel block is way wider and taller, plus it house a turbo on top of it and a 15 qt oil pan below it. You would have to jack the truck up to make it fit.
  8. truth.. our old work truck would keep running after the key was cut off sometimes. to much fuel built up so it wouldnt die.
  9. This is for the 7.3 swap

    the 7.3 is no bigger than a 460ci and ive helped stuff a chev 632ci merlin3 and the mods to that were minimal. im thinkin super hard about the 7.3 swap to my 90 lx fox. the biggest problems are the weight of a diesel is like twice of a gasser and finding a tranny to not only hold the torque but fitting in the car i would think 7.3 to a t5 if you could find someone that can make the adapter plate. i would say allison would be the tranny to get but it'd be a tuck and a half gettin it in. :nice: and on the turbo move the damn thing away from the engine put it in the grill and run the headers backwards so they face the grill
  10. no way a cummins will fit into a fox though bcuz the 12 valve and the 24 valve cummins has cylinders the size of coffee cans and the engine would go from the firewall to the radiator with no room to run accesories no way any cummins is fittin unless its a 4bt.PERIOD.

  11. u serious? a t-5.... make sure you record the first frive for us
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