Prank war... Need Ideas...!

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  1. mmmmm i guess there is no greater prank....sick but no better.... :owned: :lol:
  2. back in college, they would prank my roommate(not me though) and they painted our dorm room door a bright blue...after a couple of days, they put up nude pictures of fat women(he was kind of big himself) on the newly painted door....the last thing they did was find a picture of a fat man on spring break down in cancun that kind of looked like him, made 1000 copies colored just the picture of him and passed them out and hung them all over campus...(25,000 students) he was unthrealed....:lol:
  3. This might work he is a total healthfood nut... low fat everything... he eats plumbcots... i dont even know what the **** that is...
  4. yea he pays like $10 for 6 of them... His parents pay for everything... his car, his college, his food.... and he is cheap as hell... just funny because he is jewish and fits all the stereo types... and no i dont have a problem with jewish people! Im just thinking about replacing his organic peanutbutter with like Skippy and ****... And putting white bread in his expensive whole weat bread bag...
  5. i dont know if anything like this has been posted (i dont have time to read all of them) you or your buddy take a dump in some ziplock bags and hide them under the matress of their beds and when they get into bed they will pop open and wonder what the hell that smell is..
  6. NOOOOO dont do it!!! we put a fog machine in the hallway of our dorm at midnight and it set off the fire alarm. fire dept and a few cop cars showed up... now my class (juniors in the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets) is screwed. we have a 9 mile run this saturday (nicknamed a Nuke Run because A&M has a mini nuke plant for testing and research, that is 4.5 miles away from campus).
  7. get a couple buddies and find him while he's walking back from class and paintball the hell out of him.
  8. Ok, I've got a few of my own:

    My great uncle was in the Corps of Cadets back in '68, and when he was a fish (freshman) he and his buddies put a chicken in their Commanding Officer's room over christmas break, filled the sink with water and put a bucket of chicken feed in there so it could survive. Result- a 1" layer of chicken poop on EVERY horizontal surface when the CO came back!!!

    Funny...lots of pranks happen in the Corps. :D

    here are some pics of some stuff that we've done

    View attachment 421060

    Here was our CO (who is now a Marine LT) after he found the rat we put in his room during our fish year

    View attachment 421063

    And his payback for the rat-prank, that's syrup and mud if you were wondering...

    View attachment 421065
    View attachment 421067

    ...a year later we went back to the room that got mudded, and still found bits of mud in the corners and under the sink :eek:
  9. I just got my roomate yesterday, I taped the kitchen sink spray attachment open so when he turned on the water it squirt him right in the crotch, right before he had to leave for work.
  10. Things have quieted down lol... How many post its do you think it will take to cover ann entire bed room about 15x15
  11. heres a great one that takes some effort, and some quiet, but so worth it.....

    while he is asleep, get as many solo cups as it takes to cover the floor of his room surrounding his bed, all the way to the your way from the bed to the door, putting the cups on the floor covering every square inch of floor, and filling the cups each 1/2 way with water....go all the way to the door so when the door is closed, the entire floor from the bed to the door is covered in cups...the only way to get out of the room without flooding it (literally, thats a **** load of water) is pour the 1/2 cup of water into the one next to it, and so on and so on, or drink the water....its kinda a convoluted plan, but funny...

    another is to saran wrap him to the bed while he is sleeping...ive done it...its hilarious...

    another, which my roommate did back in high school, is to cover his car in post took my roommate 3200 notes, and 2 hrs to cover a Neon:lol:
  12. I have one. I just heard this one on the radio the other day. Take a big tie wrap (wire tie) and wrap it around the driveshaft on his car. When he moves the car, it will make a H*** of a racket. No harm can really come of this but if he's not "mechanically inclined", he may think his car is about to fall apart. Let me know how that works!

    PS--If you have access to them, put a few extra wheel weights on the inside lip of one of the wheels on his car. He won't know that he has been "gotten" until he gets on the freeway. I've done that one. Cool!
  13. LOL curently this second im filling my roommates room with red half filled silo cups... its gonna be a long night hope he is sleeping good!
  14. LOL just finished up they didnt wake up.... you guys want me to pull an all nighter for pics/???
  15. Yes. You have to get them ..... or it didn't happen. :D
  16. LOL someone just came over from across campus to check it out they almost woke up... this snit is BANANASSS
  17. i think i used about 5-6 gallons of water that i remember
  18. WE NEED PICS OF THIS!!! that's awesome!