Prank war... Need Ideas...!

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  1. i got pics ill post when i get home
  2. c'mon post up!!
  3. i wish i could but i dont have a fire wire cable at school
  4. hi. im new but im unsure where to post for prankwars so here;
    I need pranks, im not really old enough to do most of the things you sugested, i could get in trouble, but its againts some of friends, they're in the 14, 15, 16 age, i cant think of any sneaky ideas without ruining everything, can i get some help?
  5. wow dude, you brought this thing up from the GRAVE!!
  6. A year and a half old and still no pics? WTF mate?
  7. adam, you still looking for ideas, put a cinderblock underneath his rear end on his jeep, just enough to get the tires so they arent catching. he'll throw it in drive, and go to accelerate and nothing will happen.

    if the door in his room opens into his room, instead of out to the hallway, go to home depot and buy a crapload of bricks. make a wall in his doorway, so he goes to open the door he just sees a brick wall.

    rubberband a condom around his tailpipe. get an extra large.

    take his shampoo bottles out of the shower, put the shampoo in another container, put jello in the shampoo container, he goes to squeeze it, nothing happens.

    buy a blow up doll and fill it with helium. tie it to the back of his car, with a longish rope, hide the rope and blow up doll behind something else.

    he goes to drive off it'll float up. and if he doesn't pay much attention he may drive around like that.

    i haven't heard of anyone doing this but it seems like it would be funny, to take a bottle of whipped cream, and divide it in 2. take off the air conditioning duct thats facing him in the car. throw it in there. its summer, and it gets hot as hell out, so he probably will get in the car and crank the air conditioning.

    also never heard of anyone doing this, but get like 6 horns from a junkyard, wire them up to his reverse lights, so when they come on when he goes to reverse, the horns start blaring. hide the horns inside like his wheel wells.

    if he has book covers or keeps his books in a backpack. throw a couple special books such as

    Coping with Erectile Dysfunction

    Coping with Premature Ejaculation

    i think i'm out of ideas. now i want to go prank some friends. haha.
  8. also to go along with the wire tie on the driveshaft, put some tranny fluid in the gas tank, from what i've heard it'll smoke like a ****. so it'll be making a whole bunch of noises. and sites.

    my friend zachs got a grand prix with HUD. and it has different settings. i changed his speedo to read kilometers not MPH, and i changed the language to french.

    he took off like normal, just driving around, and then he checked his speedo and it was reading like 120. then he went to change it and didn't know how because it was in french.

    edit. if he plays an instrument, do something with that.

    we were playing a show, and i put babypowder on my drummers snare drum. he goes to do a drum roll and a huge white cloud appears all over his face. haha. looked like he was doing coke in the bathroom or something.
  9. i good one is wire his horn to his brake pedal. there's vids on youtube.

    anther prank vid on youtube was a roommate would butter the vinyl floors in the entrance way and the kitchen and leave the camera on. his roomate would take some nasty falls, priceless
  10. Get a 5 gallon plastic trash can and fill it about 3/4 full with ice water and lean it against his door. Make sure his door is fully closed and when he opens it the water will pour in!!
  11. Or you could stop being a jack wagon roommate and do your dishes or help clean once in a while or quiet the fell up when your roommate has to get up in the morning.... just saying it might go better for you in life in general.
  12. Holy :poo:. Really??? This thread is 6 years old.
  13. guessing this is the roomie
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