Pranks you have pulled at work.

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  1. I bring this up because after watching Bakos24's seafoam video it brought back some memories. I worked as an auto mechanic for about 11 years and was always pranking coworkers.Anyway there was an older tech there who everyone always screwed with.One day he was prepping a new van and while he was washing up for a test drive I pulled a vacuum hose and let the engine suck in a little "lubrication" into the intake :jester: .Needless to say when he got back from his test drive he thought he blew up the engine it smoked so bad. :rlaugh:

    Another time a factory rep was visiting our store and he and the boss went out to lunch.I went out to his vehicle,popped the hood and ran a jumper wire from the turn signal relay to the output wire to his horn.After he left it was about 10 minutes and he was back with this strange problem of his horn honling while his turn signals were on :shrug:. Guess who they go ask about that problem?:D . Everyone got a good laugh out of that.

    One more good one is on some import cars the tip of the exhaust pipe is rolled.Get a good strong ballon and put over that lip and stuff the excess in the pipe.They start the car and start driving off and BOOM!!! WTF they are thinking.....:p

    Anyway,what are some of your pranks you have pulled :stick: ???
  2. Zip ties on the drive shaft is always amusing

    jacking the car up so the drive wheels barely don't touch the ground (this could get you shot)

    theres a website with ideas of pranks, I think its or something like that.
  3. I use to disable the ringers on peoples phones at work. I mean like taking out the bell itself.
  4. Or changing the language to Portugues, Francais or Espanol. That always fun to do. It takes them the whole day trying to figure out how to chage it back to English. :D
  5. Used to steal people's mouse ball at the office I worked in long ago. Also used to call from my desk to theirs and pretend to be one of their vendors by disguising my voice and threaten to cancel my account and complain to their boss, etc. Then yell that I"m sending a fax with very important info. The stooge would always get up and then go stand by the fax machine for 15 minutes. This was always a good time to go and do the other pranks at their desk. Or call the boss and say "have you seen John...he's never at his desk anymore." The boss then finds John just standing by the fax machine waiting on a fax that will enver come. I know, kinda lame, but it was fun at the time.
  6. The tried and true stuff...sending new hires for a can of steam. Thing is at an airport everyone knows the joke so they wind up gone for any hour visiting each airline and being sent to the next.

    I got nailed pretty good when I was a barback at a night club. We had a Hawaiian night and we were all dressed in swim shorts and such. Mine were just the elastic wasteband type and I had on a yellow wife beater.

    I went behind the bar with about 25 glasses in my hand to hang in the rack. Anyway one of the bartenders decided it would be funny to drop my shorts while I had all of these glasses in my hand. The problem was he grabbed the shorts and boxers and dropped them to my ankles. So I'm standing there with several hundred people in the club with my "special purpose" dangling for all to see. I could have dropped the glasses in one big mess but I just continued hanging them up and then pulled my pants up to a roaring cheer. Glad it wasn't cold that night.
  7. lets see:
    filled my boss's office with balloons
    wrapped her entire office in clear wrap
    flipped desktop picture around and mouse to a co-worker. dude had no idea how to fix it
    put clear tape on network connections to co-workers PC and phones
    had a S&M package sent to boss.

    all I can remember at the moment.
  8. I didn't do this, but it would be funny to have Viagra and all those other "taboo" products be sent to a co-worker at work. Here's the info you requested on shrinking your hemerroids!
  9. disassembled a cowrkers chair so when he sat down he went down so did his coffe:rlaugh: , the best part of it was when he came over to ask me if i did it i told him i was busy and asked him to sit down:D , little did he know that chair had no screws in it:rolleyes: i wonder how that happened:shrug: . he was a little mad for some reason
  10. another good one is if there is a TV or something that uses a remote at work, clear tape over it, then perma marker over the tape ;)

    We have to badge in to get to work, and out. If your badge fails a certain ammount of times the MPs come and give you grief.
  11. Add one to the mouse tricks... set the double-click speed to the max. Unless you click it really really fast, it works as a single-click. Something still happens but not everything.

    He're what we did last year to a guy who left to get married and a honeymoon.

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  12. one year on April Fool's I sent an email to every employee, with an executable attachment I said was a recent patch from MS for a severe security vulnerability. When they ran it, it popped up a screen that said it was going to reformat their hard drive. "Click OK to continue." I wrote it using standard MS controls and everything so it was indistinguishable from the real thing (except for the lack of a cancel button lol). Only our IT guy had a fit when he ran it, waiting until I got back from lunch before he would even touch his PC :LOL:
  13. That would get you escorted out the door at my office...

    Anyway, try putting some fruit in a small dixe cup. Put the cup way back under a douchbag's desk. After a couple days he will be whining about fruit flys... Lots of them...
  14. Screenshot a persons desktop and set the image as the wallpaper, hide the icons and toolbars. Person will click for hours before they figure this one out.

  15. I've filled a coworker's desk with packing peanuts....and used black electrical tape to map out the words "i'm gay" on the bottom side of his venician when he closed them....everyone outside his office could read it perfectly....I also popped the 'M' & 'N' off of his keyboard and swapped em....a very funny trick for people who don't type so well.
  16. How about this? This was after my boss left for Germany for a few weeks. Notice the copy of Sun Tzu's The Art of War on his desk. We bubble-wrapped books and placed them back on shelves, as well as, cds, pens, and misc crap like that.

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  17. I couldn't count off all of them we've pulled off at work.
    1. Piece of tape over the end of your cat5 and plug it back in.
    2. Trashing cubes.
    3. Taking a box of 150 golfballs and placing it overhead bin, once the bin is open, they fall everywhere.
    4. Moved someones desk out between both of our buildings.
    5. Moved someones desk into the lab.
    6. Aluminum foiled someones entire office.
    7. Using gizoogle to translate everyones writeups to our manager for a day.

    There's a ton more, I can't believe I haven't been fired yet. :)
  18. when i worked at best buy, we gave kid a 5 gallon bucket and told him to go fill up the drinking fountain. its pretty funny watching someone try and not spill a bucket of water that big while pouring it into that little drain.

    or shrink wrapping someone cars was always a good laugh
  19. 1) April Fools
    2) Balloons

    The pics say it all..


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  20. I've been known as the guy to avoid when there's a camera first victim was one of those guys that when you look at him you instantly want to pick on him...


    Our latest gag stems from the movie "Waiting". If you've seen it then you know why a couple of us have fake nutsacks ready to flash at each other :D