Pre-Built Custom Sub Box for Mach 460

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  1. So I have a new HU, Alpine 6.5 components all around in my 01 Cobra being powered by an Alpine PDX-5 (5-channel), but I am stuck on what to do with the two 10in Kickers I have coming. I was thinking about buying one of these :)eek: 2-day shipping)

    Or this one:

    So it comes down to this guys, I can buy one of those pre-built ones or pay a local shop $380 to build me 2 separate sealed boxes for the 2 10's. Does anyone have any experience with those two boxes I linked or any other ones that can be bought online and shipped within a few days?

    PS I'm trying to get this all done before my vacation starting Memorial day weekend.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Both boxes are ugly. Get a custom one built for your trunk.
  3. I assume you have a coupe? Why do you want to have two seperate boxes made? I'm sure you can find a shop that will build you one box for both subs for much less than $380.00, but both the boxes in the links would probably work fine for those subs.
  4. The shop said that is the only way to do it (2 seperate boxes) with the right amount of air space, blah blah, and that one box to house both subs won't fit under the mach soundboard.
  5. becareful on sonixelectronics.They WERE one of our dealers, but they dont warranty stuff that easy and also have been known to sell "open" boxes.
  6. as soon as my stimulus check gets here, I'm getting one and getting rid of the homemade abortion in my trunk that is hogging up all of my space.
  7. That thing is pretty small for two subs. After subtracting woofer displacement it's only about .5 cubic foot per sub. Unless you have a really big amp you won't have too much deep bass with most subs. The price looks good if the build quality is nice though.
  8. well I have the 12" Kicker 07CVR122 and the box meets the required airspace, so I will be ordering one as soon as my damn stimulus check gets here (shoulda been here but the Turbo Tax *******s screwed up).

    he relisted the sub boxes.
  9. I went and read some of the sellers' feedback from buyers for the 99-04 Sub Enclosures, and with the exception of 1 guy, every seemed satisfied with it, and that it hit pretty hard. so can't be that bad for $145.
  10. :rlaugh: Everyone always say that thier system hits hard. But I still think its a good buy. I'd spend my stimulus check on it, but I have my eye on Glocks "Pocket Rocket".
  11. mine doesn't hit really hard outside the car, but hell I'm never outside of my car with the radio on, so as long as it thumps inside the car, that's all I care about.
  12. Custom built by myself ported box 1.6FT^3 tuned to 32htz, wedge style so that it fits the contour of the back seat. Its holding a poneer 10ich sub, POUNDS LIKE A MOFO! and got 65-70% of trunk left. Really al u need is 1 sweet 10 sub and drop it in the right ported box for it, you will have a better sounding system than two two Kickers. get a 10 Kicker CVX and port it. This pioneer in this box, was about 110 from my local shop, It POUNDS!! for a 10inch sub. IM in houston, TX for anyone that cares to listen.
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  13. nice sub box, but the thing I don't like about it is, that it doesn't look like it belongs there. the one on the ebay auction I will be getting actually looks like it belongs there....:shrug:

    just my 2 cents.
  14. just ordered that custom enclosure from Ebay today with my stimulus check. should be here in about a week.

    I'll post up pictures of the completed install when it's all finished.
  15. well im not a happy camper right now. this so called sub enclosure showed up was packaged very nicely, and it looked very professional and was very very light. I removed my MACH 460 AMP rack, and put the sub enclosure in. i started wiggling and maneuvering and it didn't fit. so I thought maybe it just needs a little shim, so i broke out the saw, and wacked a small piece off the right side, back in the trunk, still no fit. so took it out wacked another little piece, back in we go, still no fit, back out again, this time I take a piece off the left, and still not fitting good.

    i just paid $145 for a box that was supposed to fit and doesn't, and now that I've hacked it all up, it's gonna look like crap when I finally do get in there and get it to fit and stay in.

    on the bright side I've regained a ton of trunk space, which is a big big help.

    gonna break out the jig saw tomorrow and see if I can salvage it or not.
  16. :eek:

    *cancels ebay bid*

  17. hang tight, I'm headed out to the garage right now to see If I can salvage it or not...I've emailed the seller already and he's sent a reply stating he wants pictures of all angles showing the problem, and he will refund some of my money if I email them, so that's something at least.

    I can always take the front of the box off and make a new one...the box itself is very nicely done it's just this front piece that's supposed to hide the box and make everything look nice.