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  1. Pre-Painted Parts Now Available

    Pre-Painted trim parts are cleaned, prepped, and painted before you order, so they are ready to ship the moment you order, at a price that can't be beat.
    Shop Pre-Painted Mustang Trim Parts Now!

    Painted trim parts are one of the best ways to make your Mustang stand out in a crowd. Buying the parts and taking them down to the local body shop on the other hand, can be a major drain on your time and your wallet. Now is making these upgrades easier and more affordable than ever, thanks to its new state-of-the-art paint facility.
    Using exclusively Ford OEM colors, AmericanMuscle’s master painting technicians have developed a 14-step process that delivers superior shine and durability in every painted part. Best of all, because AmericanMuscle is painting your part ahead of time, ALL PARTS SHIP THE SAME DAY at a price far less than having it done at your local body shop.

    Better: And OEM-spec facility and 14-point painting system ensure only the highest quality.
    Faster: Pre-painted parts are always in stock and ship the same day you order.
    More Affordable: AmericanMuscle buys in bulk and paints in bulk, producing better parts for less $$$.
    The Parts
    The list of pre-painted Mustang parts that will launch on October 26 reads like a greatest hits playlist. Many of AmericanMuscle’s top sellers will be prepped and painted in all 19 OEM Mustang colors.

    Headlight Splitters
    • Mirror Covers
    • Hood Scoops
    • Chin Spoilers
    • Window Louvers
    • Side Scoops

    The Booth
    The AmericanMuscle paint booth is nothing less than state of the art, designed and built by Global Finishing Solutions, the exclusive supplier to all OEM-endorsed paint shops. The booth at AmericanMuscle is a fully-loaded GFS system that employs numerous innovative technologies to produce a highly efficient, clean room environment and a minimal carbon footprint. The foundation for this eco-friendly program is the next-generation water-base paint that exceeds the quality and durability of traditional toxic solvent-base paints.
    Using a semi-downdraft system, the paint booth achieves optimal painting conditions by shooting air down from the ceiling to evenly coat the painting surface. This method, combined with air-powered Sata paint guns, provides an optimal formula for finished product that surpasses even OEM factory standards, not to mention a local paint shop.

    To get the full story on the AmericanMuscle paint booth, check out the AmericanMuscle Blog. And for more information on ready-to-ship pre-painted parts, visit
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  2. I was skeptical when I recently purchased pre-painted quarter window louvers and side scoops. But I took the chance and couldn't be any more pleased. The parts were a perfect match with my Red Fire Metallic. A HUGE thank you to AM !!
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